Dallas Aquarium Experts offers All Inclusive Freshwater Aquarium Leasing Services.

  • Low upfront cost and low monthly fee that includes our all “inclusive package”

  • Enhance the decor of your Lobby, Home, or Office

Can you imagine the smiles of your valued staff, clients or guests when you elevate their environment to a new level with your superbly maintained aquarium? At reception or in foyers a stylish good-looking aquarium is impressive, interesting and aesthetically pleasing decor.

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Leasing

This is our typical freshwater lease aquarium.

  • A beautiful aquarium of your choice

  • Many solid wood stand and canopy options to match your decor

  • Hand crafted oak stands to conceal equipment and supplies

  • Hand crafted oak canopy to conceal lighting system

  • An appropriate number of fish included

  • Replacing  fish and  accessories if needed

  • Advanced filtration and lighting systems

  • Cleaning of aquarium / water change outs

  • Repositioning of the aqua-scaping for variety

  • Includes fish food


When you choose to lease an aquarium from Dallas Aquarium Experts you will be amazed at the amount of extra services you receive, compared to if you bought one. Our technicians will install your aquarium; supply the fish and food all for a low monthly fee.  A technician will visit at regular intervals to fully service the leased aquarium so everything looks and runs as good as the day we installed it.



Click here to listen to the video testimonial on the aquarium maintenance service we provide.

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