Dallas Aquarium Experts is Hiring an Aquarium Service Technician

Dallas Aquarium Experts the leader in aquarium maintenance service in the North Dallas area, is in search of an aquarium service technician to join our team.  We are growing making it time to hire our next aquarium service technician.  We are one of the are the most unique and diversified local aquarium services company in the North Dallas Aquarium Service area. Dallas Aquarium Experts offers both Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance Service and Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service.

Dallas Aquarium Experts Aquarium Service Technician performing saltwater aquarium maintenance service

Hiring Aquarium Service Technicians

We are an aquarium maintenance service company staffed with passionate aquarium enthusiasts who enjoy continually learning about aquariums and gaining daily experience. We are creating a team with truly passionate, successful, experienced, aquarists. Our time-proven aquarium service technicians are afforded flexibility when problem solving and forward thinking saltwater aquarium maintenance strategies falling within our overall company policies, strategies and methods.   

Once you get to that point, you are basically working on multiple aquarium service client’s aquariums through out the day.  Dallas Aquarium Experts Aquarium Service Technicians drive between aquarium maintenance service visits in a company service vehicle. An average 9 to 5 day Monday through Friday, usually consists of 4 to 6 aquarium maintenance service visits.

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Online Aquarium Store

The Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store offers one of the largest online selections of Custom Aquarium Sets-Ups, featuring American made Planet Aquariums, Furniture Quality Aquarium Stands and Aquarium Canopies along with other aquarium equipment. Think of it as a virtual aquarium store that allows us to walk clients through the aquarium sales process. 

Dallas Aquarium Experts is proud to present the largest online selections of Planet Aquariums

Custom Aquarium Delivery, Installation, and Make Ready

Once the aquarium set up is out of production and ready to be delivered, we will then install and set up the aquarium including life support systems.  We also have the ability to deliver aquarium set-ups and aquarium supplies to customers anywhere within the contiguous United States.  After installing the new custom aquarium set up, we will provide the highest quality freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coral.  Then we will begin with regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance service.

Custom Planet Aquarium Delivery Installation and Make Ready

Aquarium Fish and Corals

Here at Dallas Aquarium Experts, we understand that the key to a successful aquarium begins with healthy livestock, and we pride ourselves on one of the longest quarantining processes of any North Dallas Aquarium Service Company. Our facility was designed to receive, quarantine, and house the highest quality freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coral.  Aquarium Service Technicians bring selected livestock out to our client’s aquariums and begin an acclimation process.

Custom Aquarium Design and Installation

Aquarium Service Technician Position

Our goal as an employer is to make good long-term hires.  We are searching for aquarists candidates who are career orientated with a passion for aquariums.  If you would like to learn more about our Aquarium Service Technician position please email your resume to sales@dallasaquariumexperts.com then follow it up with a phone call to 469-450-3900 to confirm receipt of your resume.

Dallas Aquarium Experts is Now Hiring Aquarist for our Aquarium Service Technician Position

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