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February 10, 2012

I am writing this to give an endorsement and recommendation for the Dallas Aquarium Experts.  My wife and I have had aquariums for 20 years.  During that period of time we have used different aquarium maintenance firms.  The best of all by far is the Dallas Aquarium Experts, whom we have used for some time.

They come when they say they will, don’t leave a mess, and the fish are healthy.

Well maintained aquariums and healthy fish can benefit patients in a waiting room as well as anyone who needs to relax.  While television blares at us and stresses us, an aquarium can actually lower your blood pressure.

William M. (Oz) Osbourne, M.D.

Frisco, Texas


Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Leasing

November 11, 2011

Dear Dallas Aquarium Experts,

It’s been over eight months since we started using Dallas Aquarium Experts to service our aquarium and I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the aquarium service. What a difference from the previous company we were using!

We are so pleased with the way our fish tank looks, but it is so much more than that which makes you and Dallas Aquarium Experts stand out. Every month my girls are so excited when “Mr. Morgan” is coming—so much so that they have even drawn little pictures for him! It is comforting to know that we will not have various people coming to our house each month. It’s always “Mr. Morgan” who will not only make our tank look beautiful, but will take the time to answer any questions my 2 and 3 year olds have, and spend the entire visit working on the tank and talking with my girls. Sometimes I feel we should be paying you for sitting services as well!

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you. Not only do you do a wonderful job with our aquarium service, it is also very clear that you love what you do and care about your customers… and their families! I was so pleasantly surprised and touched when you inquired about me and our new little one when my third daughter was born 6 months ago. So unexpected and so kind! For me, what makes a successful company is the customer service and attention to detail. You have made our aquarium look nicer than it ever has. Our fish our happy and so are we! Thank you for going above and beyond just servicing our aquarium. What a great choice we made in switching to Dallas Aquarium Experts!


Ivana—Plano, Texas



Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Leasing

To whom it may concern,

We are a long-term care provider and have two leased aquariums in our facility. When I started as Executive Director in May 2011, we were currently leasing an aquarium from Dallas Aquarium Experts and were providing the aquarium maintenance of an old aquarium that was in the building prior to them taking over our aquarium service with the our facility. After talking to Morgan, we agreed that the old tank needed replacing. We decided to lease another aquarium. The new aquarium was installed a couple of weeks later. The only issue we were having is that the large Gold Fish in the aquarium were not staying as clean as the other aquarium on the other side of the building. Morgan was helpful in identifying the problem, finding homes for our Gold Fish and replacing them with new fish.  Both aquariums are healthy and add a calming pleasure to the lives of our residents. Thanks to Dallas Aquariums Experts dedication and Morgan’s hard work, we have a much-loved feature in our building that impacts the lives of our residents.

Thanks Dallas Aquarium Experts!

Britt Aulie

Executive Director

Homestead of McKinney


Aquarium Service

Dallas Aquarium Experts,

Several months ago we were using another aquarium maintenance company to provide fish tank cleaning. We were completely dissatisfied with the appearance of our aquariums, they looked like green swamp water and you couldn’t even see the fish. We then switched to Dallas Aquarium Experts and that is exactly what they are – EXPERTS! The owner, himself, took over the care of our two tanks and within a couple of days they were crystal clear with happy fish. Dallas Aquarium Experts was also able to find the fish we wanted and the size we wanted to stock our tanks with. They truly care about the well-being of the fish and the service they provide. Kudos to Dallas Aquarium Experts for going above and beyond providing our aquarium service!


Dula Orthodontics

Frisco, Texas

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Leasing

Dallas Aquarium Experts,

When we originally called Dallas Aquarium Experts to make a bid on reef tank maintenance service, we knew our system was in trouble. We had replaced our previous aquarium with a 250 gallon saltwater reef aquarium only months before and the aquarium maintenance we had been receiving was not sufficient.

Dallas Aquarium Experts impressed all of us at the consultation visit, Morgan performed our consultation and he was knowledgeable about the fish, corals, filtration system; moreover he knew clients assume we (Northwest Animal Hospital) clean the aquarium, and a dirty tank reflects poorly on us as an animal clinic.

In the past 8 months Dallas Aquarium Experts has restored our aquarium to the focal point it was meant to be. We receive several daily compliments on how beautiful it looks, and our clients have noticed the improvement in its overall condition. Dallas Aquarium Experts even made a same day emergency service when our brain coral wandered off his rock! We are proud to recommend Dallas Aquarium Experts to anyone looking for a reliable and friendly aquarium maintenance service.

Northwest Animal Hospital Inc.

Grapevine, Texas

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Fish Tank Cleaning Service, Fish Tank Service, Saltwater Aquarium Service, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service, Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Dear Mr. O’Neal,

We wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional aquarium maintenance service you have been providing our office past several months. We’ve had a fish tank for over thirty years and have had several fish tank cleaning companies service our aquarium over the years.

Our patients enjoy the influence of our aquarium and often comment on our beautiful cichlids. Recently we had a long time patient say that our “aquarium and fish look better than they ever have” and we have Dallas Aquarium Experts to thank. We heartily concur with his comment as our aquarium is now sparkling and our fish are happy in their attractive environment.

Thank you again for your outstanding skill, dedication and aquarium service. We look forward to many years with Dallas Aquarium Experts. Our best wishes to you for your continued success.


Michael T. Mason, DDS, FAGD

Allen, Texas

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Fish Tank Cleaning Service, Fish Tank Service, Saltwater Aquarium Service, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service, Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance



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