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Aquarium Maintenance


Our clients appreciate the knowledge, keen eye for detail, and unbeatable response time to any aquarium job. Our success is due to highly qualified aquatic engineers, a high level of organization, and an incredible commitment to customer satisfaction. Clients never have to worry about going to a store to purchase supplies or livestock; we bring everything right to their door!

We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of aquariums for homes and businesses in DFW. We are one of the only aquarium maintenance service companies in the area that has years of experience working with interior designers, architects and contractors to create successful custom aquariums every time.

We don’t try to be the cheapest! We strive to be the best! There are many different brands of aquariums and accessories available to use in your new aquarium system.

Some equipment and materials are of excellent quality and some are not. Dallas Aquarium Experts never compromises quality to meet or beat a competitor’s price. We use the finest products, state-of-the-art filtration equipment and the highest quality materials on the market in the aquarium systems we design. We provide fine workmanship and excellent services that are second to none!

A little about the “why” regular aquarium maintenance is so important.


Removal of settled waste

  • Now no matter what filter system you are using in your aquarium, there will always be settled waste products. This waste includes fish waste, plant waste and food waste.


  • Besides the obvious result of a cleaner looking aquarium, there is a more important reason behind removing this waste.


  • These settled waste products are visible in your fish tank. The problem comes in when this waste starts decomposing and creating invisible toxins in your aquarium.


  • These toxins will always be present in any fish tank, but need to be maintained at acceptable levels.


  • As the name suggests, you should be looking to clean anything that waste could “settle” on. These will include filters and other equipment, aquarium decorations and of course the gravel inside your tank.


Control Aglae Growth

  • Very excessive algae growth can often be a symptom of over-lighting your aquarium. It is not always possible to reduce the lighting you provide your tank as you may need it for your plants to grow.


  • With that said, all tanks will have some level of algae growth. Some people like to keep an Algae Eater type fish, or even a few of them to reduce the effect of the proble


  • Most aquariums will only need a little bit of attention in this area during fish tank maintenance.


Nitrate Control

  • This is again another area that you will gain some insight on by reading the section on the Nitrogen Cycle. Nitrates are an end product of the Nitrogen cycle and it is primarily the aquarium owner that is responsible for keeping its levels under control.


  • Nitrate removal is the main reason behind doing your fish tank maintenance at regular intervals. A test kit can help you determine these intervals.


  • Nitrates must be kept below 40ppm (parts per million) in a freshwater aquarium, any higher than 40ppm can be considered dangerously high levels. Personally I try to keep my levels between 10ppm and 30ppm.


Schedule a free consultation with Dallas Aquarium Experts today and service professional will come to your home or business and access your current situation. Before you make your decision on an Aquarium Maintenance Company in Dallas, allow us the opportunity to provide you a free consultation regarding your current Aquarium or we can provide an estimate on a new aquarium set-up and aquarium maintenance. Your fish will reward you with their natural beauty and years of enjoyment.


• Call us at (469) 450-3900

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