Plano’s Aquarium Maintenance Company is Dallas Aquarium Experts

Plano’s Aquarium Maintenance Company

Dallas Aquarium Experts is a full service custom aquarium design, installation and aquarium maintenance company. We provide custom aquarium installation along with expert aquarium maintenance professionals.

Dallas Aquarium Experts will work with our clients to design an aquarium maintenance service that fits the needs of your freshwater aquarium, reef tank, or saltwater fish only aquarium. You took time to create the beauty within your aquarium, and we take great pride in being the premier aquarium maintenance service provider in DFW. Our standards are set high above the rest, and we will ensure your investment in your aquarium and the beauty it holds is taken care of to the highest standard.
Our regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance service includes:

  • Perform a partial water changes using Reverse Osmosis water through hydro-vacuuming on freshwater systems. 
  • Test aquarium water parameters to ensure proper water chemistry
  • Algae cleaning from viewing sides of the aquarium
  • Complete health check of fish and invertebrates, free delivery of aquarium supplies, fish and corals.
  • Inspect the aquarium life support systems
  • Advise you as to the tank’s condition and any future potential problems

Here is a quick note about the most importance part of aquarium maintenance / fish tank cleaning.   All aquariums require a minimum 25% water change at least once a month, if you want the ultra clean pet store show tank look, than your going to need to do a 25% water change every week or two depending on how heavily stocked your aquarium is.
Dallas Aquarium Experts always uses a gravel cleaner when doing a water change on freshwater aquariums. This way all of the decomposing organic matter that has built up in the gravel is removed.
Almost all the possible problems that can occur with a tropical fish tank come down to one cause, decomposing organic matter in the aquarium. So obviously removing it will benefit the fish and improve the overall look of the tank. Cleaning your fish tank is very important. 

We determine the goal of the aquarium, while educating our clients, through extensive consultation. We match our passion for aquatic environments with sound knowledge in the ecosystems from which these animals come from. Our determination to utilize advances in lighting and filtration technology keeps us leading the way in the aquarium industry.

Discover the beauty of a premier aquarium with Dallas Aquarium Experts

Contact us today!

 (469) 450 3900

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