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Aquarium Maintenance

You may feel you have enough to remember, do,  look out for and worry about, but learning to spot signs of impending problems is better than trying to deal with them later on. Methodical aquarium maintenance need not take longer than an a few minutes a day and an hour every other week depending on your aquariums size.   An aquarium service company is the best option if you find you are unable to make this type of time commitment.

There are a number of checks that you should make on a daily and weekly basis.

The first and foremost is a daily temperature check, together with a head count of the fishes.  Counting fish is best done at feeding time; they usually congregate to one spot.  Locate any absentees and search carefully for missing fish; it may simply not be hungry or sociable, but if it continues to behave this way, or seems off color, then you must assume something is wrong and begin further checks.  If the fish is dead remove the body before it decomposes and pollutes the aquarium before other fishes become infected with any disease that may have caused its demise.  Of course, the dead fish may not have succumbed to any disease; it may have been harassed to death by other fishes – in which case, be sure to check the compatibility of species before replacing.  Nevertheless, it is still vital to remove its body as soon as you discover it, to prevent fouling of the aquarium.  Marine fishes are sensitive to any stress or disturbance, so try to use your eyes more than your hands and keep your physical intrusions into the tank to the absolute minimum. If you do not find a fish in the tank, look on the floor, since some aquarium fish are expert escapers.

As the aquarium fish gradually becomes established, the fish will settle down into their natural behavior patterns.  If you observe the fishes’ normal activities, you will soon be able to recognize any irregularities that may be early indications of trouble.

Check the pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels in established tanks weekly intervals.  In a newly set aquarium it is a good idea to check the pH more regally.  Stabilize the pH by adding buffering materials, but if it falls. Again soon after being adjusted then a water change will be required.

Be sure nitrite level has fallen to a minimum before introducing more fish, and keep it low by adding livestock gradually.  In this way you can avoid overloading the biological filtration system.  Nitrate levels will continue to rise unless held in check by regular water changes.  Man y fishes are tolerant of higher levels of nitrate than invertebrates.

Dallas Aquarium Experts
Aquarium Service

If you live in North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, or Lewisville using an aquarium service company like Dallas Aquarium Experts can help you avoid the routine tasks and chores of keeping a beautiful aquarium.  Call us today for a free consultation for aquarium service.

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