How to Care for Your Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

As with all living things, it takes routine maintenance to keep fish healthy and an aquarium looking great. The best way to avoid stress and ultimately diseases is to keep the water in the aquarium in ideal condition this entails regular water changes, siphoning the substrate and cleaning equipment.  Not everything has to be at once, though.

Dallas Aquarium Experts is a full service saltwater aquarium and reef tank maintenance company.
Dallas Aquarium Experts is a full service saltwater aquarium and reef tank maintenance company.

Aquariums require weekly, bi-weekly water changes; others are good for once a month.  Either way, water changes require some time. You will want to siphon or vacuum debris from the substrate and clean the filter and change out the filter media; socks, pads, cartridges.

Algae is natural and overall helpful in an aquarium, and to be removed on a regular basis.  Empty and clean the protein skimmer waste collection cup and rinse weekly.

Unfortunately not everyone has the time or desire to do aquarium maintenance.

Dallas Aquarium Experts is a fully insured aquarium maintenance service company that caters to both commercial and large residential clients.  Our professional and dependable services can be custom tailored to fit your particular needs. We want to keep our clients for life and we conduct the maintenance with that in mind. It is in our best interest to keep your aquarium as beautiful and as healthy as possible.  We are not only concerned with the appearance of the aquarium but also with its health and stability.

Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today to for a free consultation, and allow us to be your Aquarium Service provider and handle your Aquarium Maintenance needs.

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