Often, people invest in an aquarium but fail to give it the upkeep it needs.  All aquariums require monthly aquarium maintenance at the very least. Freshwater Aquariums should receive monthly aquarium service and saltwater aquarium service should be at the very least every two weeks, some require weekly service.

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A residential aquarium is the last thing most people want to turn around and spend any time on, especially if it is a saltwater or reef aquarium. The longer it’s neglected, the worse it gets, the more fish die, the more algae you get, the cloudier the aquarium becomes. That’s when most people decide they want to use an aquarium maintenance service company like Dallas Aquarium Experts .  We offer full service aquarium maintenance. We specialize in larger Residential and Commercial aquariums. We are very passionate about all types of aquariums and love what we do. We are able to go in and service people’s aquariums in their homes and take care of their aquarium, so when they get home from work, they get to enjoy the beauty of what it is and not have to spend the time and effort creating it or maintaining it themselves.”

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When you lease an aquarium  lease an aquarium from Dallas Aquarium Experts we will provide biweekly aquarium service, livestock, equipment and all other needs for your aquarium.


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