How do I prevent or get rid of nuisance algae?

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To get rid of nuisance algae keep the algae nutrients Nitrate and Phosphate under control at the levels recommended for your system.This can be achieved with reef-spec protein skimming.  Do not over feed your tank.  To prevent adding unnecessary Phosphate to your aquarium water, rinse and drain off excess water from all frozen foods prior to feeding.


How do I prevent or get rid of cyanobacteria?

saltwater aquarium service, saltwater aquarium maintenance, saltwater fish tank maintnenance, saltwater fish tank serviceCyanobacteria or “Red Slime” are the only life forms in the reef aquarium that can get the nitrogen they need from the air.  This means they can grow in systems even with very low Nitrate and Phosphate levels. In order to prevent and/or treat an outbreak of cyanobacteria, it is important to maintain good aquarium conditions protein skimming, a stable dKH value, good water flow and lighting at the correct color temperature and intensity. In low nutrient systems, an imbalance of Nitrate and Phosphate can also create the conditions for an outbreak of Cyanobacteria. This often can be controlled by raising the Nitrate level to at least 0.25 ppm.

Why is the stability of salinity so important? Salinity is the measure of the concentration of salt in the water.  Both composition and salinity of the water have a significant effect on corals’ ability to absorb the elements they need from the water to support their biological actives. Corals are able to thrive within a range of conditions but will only truly flourish if conditions are kept stable.  To make sure you maintain a constant level of salinity make sure to compensate for evaporation regularly.


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