Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service by Dallas Aquarium Experts

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Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service by Dallas Aquarium Experts

Dallas Aquarium Experts installs and maintains aquarium systems of any size or type. We set-up and maintain Reef Aquariums, Saltwater Aquariums, Freshwater Aquariums.

aquarium technician, aquarium service technician, aquarist job openings, aquarium technician jobs, aquarium maintenance technician, dallas aquarium experts, north texas aquarium, aquarium serviceAquarium Services Offered:

  • Aquarium Installation and Set-up
  • Aquarium Maintenance Service
  • Aquarium Moving and Relocation

The Aquarium Maintenance Services offered by Dallas Aquarium Experts will help any aquarium enthusiast keep a clean and well-regulated aquarium.  Most importantly, we foster good health and wellness for the inhabitants of any aquarium. Following proper procedures for testing and maintenance helps to ensure the overall success and sustained longevity of your aquarium.  All services are quoted based on size and location of the aquarium, as well as the type of services required.

Whether you’re starting off with a freshwater or saltwater tank, you’ll need an expert to help you get set-up. Dallas Aquarium Experts was established in 2010 and our staff is full of people with aquatic experience.

If you love aquariums–the colorful tropical fish darting from side to side, gently waving water plants, and those funky little bubble-activated deep-sea divers, then you’re ready to appreciate the beauty and diversity of aquatic life.

Aquariums have many positive attributes that extend well beyond being decorative. Research has indicated a link between watching an aquarium and the reduction of stress. Watching fish and marine life going about their daily lives, swimming and wandering over their aquarium’s turf, is oddly hypnotic and calming.

Saltwater Aquarium Service and Maintenance

Saltwater Aquarium Service, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service, Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance Service, Reef Tank service, Reef Aquarium Service, Reef Tank Maintenance Service, Reef Aquarium Maintenance ServiceSaltwater aquariums are primarily designed to house corals and other invertebrates (also known as reef aquariums). A consistent  SALTWATER AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE SERVICE schedule must be in place for your saltwater fish and other inhabitants to thrive and survive in your aquarium. The key to a successful aquarium is proper cleaning and maintenance. Your inhabitants will stay healthier and your saltwater aquarium’s physical environment will look cleaner.

  • Fish-Only Saltwater Aquarium: This aquarium has a  variety of saltwater fish species with base rock (not live rock), no corals.
  • Coral Reef Aquarium: This setup mimics a beautiful ocean reef environment with soft and hard corals, invertebrates and a vary of fish species.
  • Nano Tank: Generally 30 gallons and under, as a reef environment it is the most difficult. Small coral marine tanks need a high level of care to avoid stressing fish or corals. However, a fish-only, 10-20-gallon saltwater tank with two Clown fish can be relatively easy.
  • FOWLR (Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock): This aquarium features only a variety of saltwater fish species with live rock. Live rock is fragmented pieces of coral reefs naturally colonized with marine life including invertebrates, sponges and millions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria that provide additional filtration.
  • Specialty Species Tank: This saltwater aquarium focuses on a specific species, such as rays, jellyfish, seahorses, etc.



Freshwater Aquarium Service and Maintenance

There are many different types of freshwater aquariums to choose from:

  • Passive Freshwater Aquarium – type of freshwater aquarium populated by fish that would be considered passive and non-territorial.
  • Goldfish Aquarium – Goldfish are very frequently kept in a species specific type of goldfish4freshwater aquarium. If you keep the tank around 74 degrees then a pleco or most catfish will do just fine as a bottom feeder tank mate.
  • Freshwater Planted Aquarium – a planted aquarium will most commonly be used in conjunction with passive community fish but this is not necessarily the case.  You could have more semi-aggressive fish such as Barbs, Freshwater sharks, and Plecos that are still considered compatible with this type of freshwater aquarium.
  • Semi-Aggressive Aquarium – Aggressiveness is somewhat relative among fish. aquarium leasing, Aquarium Lease, fish tank lease, fish tank rental, aquarium rental, aquarium service, aquarium maintenance service, leasing an aquarium, fish tank cleaning serviceSome aggressive fish can attack other fish and kill them, eat other fish as food, or relentlessly chase other fish around until they die of stress.  These fish will tend to be a little bigger and so need a bigger aquarium … probably 90 gallon at a minimum or larger range.
  • Cichlid Aquarium – Cichlids, especially African Cichlids, are another type of freshwater fish that are often kept in a species specific type of freshwater aquarium. They are very hardy and although very aggressive, typically will do well with each other and can be stocked at fairly high densities.

The key to a clean, healthy, thriving aquarium is consistent water changes and proper filtration.  In most aquariums the number of fish, plants, corals and invertebrates, in relation to water volume, exceeds what would typically be found in nature.  It is essential that the biological waste produced by aquarium inhabitants be removed and metabolized before becoming toxic. This is where Aquarium Service by Dallas Aquarium Experts comes in. We have the extensive knowledge to help keep your tank healthy and thriving.

saltwater tank maintenance, saltwater aquarium maintenance near me, saltwater aquarium water change, saltwater aquarium serviceDallas Aquarium Experts is the best choice you can make when it comes to an saltwater aquarium maintenance service provider  We know what we are doing and will make sure you never need to find another Aquarium Service Maintenance Company. We want every customer to feel like they are our only customer.


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