Aquarium Services by Dallas Aquarium Experts

Aquarium Services by Dallas Aquarium Experts

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At Dallas Aquarium Experts, we take pride in providing quality AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE for our clients. Leave it to our team to handle the design, installation, care, and maintenance service of your aquarium.

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Create a sense of beauty and tranquility in your interior space by adding the rich tapestry of an underwater world. Allow Dallas Aquarium Experts to help you reflect your unique taste and bring your aquarium to life by sharing in your vision and utilizing our experience, creativity, and resources.

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Our Aquarium Lease Program can make the perfect addition to any interior space, including your living room, office, or bedroom. From your first consultation to our final follow-up, we will be tuned in to your needs, ensuring that everything is designed to your specifications. Whether you are searching for aquarium maintenance services or want to lease an aquarium, Dallas Aquarium Experts are your aquarium leasing experts.

Aquarium Cleaning

The number one key to a healthy and beautiful aquarium is regular aquarium service and maintenance. Our primary work load at Dallas Aquarium Experts is providing professional aquarium maintenance service of our client’s aquariums. We understand time is at a premium in our busy schedules and you should just enjoy your aquarium and not be tied down with its upkeep.  Our intervals between aquarium cleaning is typically; weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks depending on you and your aquariums needs. We also offer emergency aquarium service for our aquarium clients, so you can have the peace of mind knowing Dallas Aquarium Experts has you covered no matter what life might throw at your aquarium. Relax and enjoy your aquarium without any of the work.


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Over half of our current saltwater aquarium service clients started on their own or with other companies and are now enjoying their aquariums with Dallas Aquarium Experts providing their SALTWATER AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE SERVICE. We believe you will find a substantial difference with our professional staff, training, processes, facilities, support, and a true passion for what we do.

Our company and staff are fully insured for both residential and commercial projects and certificates of insurance are available if needed. We highly recommend making sure any company doing any type of work on your property is properly insured for your protection.

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