Aquarium Maintenance Service by Dallas Aquarium Experts

Aquarium Maintenance by Dallas Aquarium Experts

Once a new aquarium is up and running properly with a population of fishes, the next step is to keep your aquarium this way. Without keeping up with regular aquarium maintenance, even the nicest aquarium with the a great filtration system will lose it’s sparkle.  Algae will begin to cover the glass and aquascaping, the life support system won’t perform at the highest level, the water chemistry will decline, and  problems, such as fish illness and fishes deaths will eventually begin.

This is where a Dallas Aquarium Experts comes in, we are the leader in Aquarium Maintenance Service in Collin, Denton and Dallas counties in the DFW Area.

Saltwater Aquarium and Reef Tank Service

aquarium technician, aquarium service technician, aquarist job openings, aquarium technician jobs, aquarium maintenance technicianMost of the aquariums under our supervision receive weekly or bi-monthly care. The exact frequency of scheduling depends on the type of aquarium (fresh, reef tank or saltwater), the species of fish being cared for, as well as the size of the tank.

During a typical service visit, a Dallas Aquarium Experts technician will perform a partial water change, water analysis, algae and detritus removal from the insides of the tank, and a filter cleaning. The decorations inside the tank will be cleaned and miscellaneous vitamins and trace elements are added to the water as needed.

A general health analysis will be taken of the livestock as well as recommendations for new specimens to be added. Time is also spent at the end of each service visit to remove any traces of water or salt marks from the surrounding aquarium furniture.

We have expertise in reef, saltwater and freshwater systems. A typical service will include the following:

  • Partial water change
  • Water chemistry analysis
  • Algae and detritus removal
  • Filter cleaning
  • Health analysis of your livestock
  • Recommendations will be made for any new specimens you would like to add

If your aquarium is currently under the care of another company and you think it is not reaching its full potential, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer pressure-free consultations at no charge.

Call Dallas Aquarium Experts today 469-450-3900 to learn how we can help with any aquarium needs you might have.

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