Aquarium Maintenance Service and Aquarium Supplies from Dallas Aquarium Experts

Dallas Aquarium Experts was started by our owner and founder Morgan O’Neal in 2010. Aquarium Design and Aquarium Installation by Dallas Aquarium ExpertsIt was primarily an aquarium maintenance service company.  Since we have launched our Online Aquarium Store which can be found at  The Online Aquarium Store carries everything the hobbyist will need to maintain a successful Freshwater Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium, or Reef Tank.  Aquarium Supplies such as Aquarium Lighting Systems, Aquarium Pumps, and Aquarium Filtration Supplies. The online store also offers one of the largest online selections of glass aquarium tanks, stands and canopies.  Customers can create an entire aquarium set up.  Dallas Aquarium Experts offers conditioned fish and corals for our aquarium service clients, ensuring our clients get the greatest success rate when it comes to choosing new fish and corals for their aquarium.  For those in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas, Dallas Aquarium Experts can set up the aquarium and get it running.

Once up and running Dallas Aquarium Experts can provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Saltwater fish tank cleaning service. We provide outstanding Freshwater Aquarium Service; however Saltwater Aquarium and Reef Tanks Aquarium Maintenance Services are our specialty.

Everyone who works at Dallas Aquarium Experts has a passion for aquariums withsaltwater aquarium maintenance service either 5 years’ experience with their own aquariums or have a degree in Ichthyology (study of fish), or Marine Biology.  We truly are aquarium experts and pride ourselves in providing the best aquarium maintenance service and customer service.

Call Dallas Aquarium Experts today for your aquarium service needs!

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