The Aquarium Maintenance Service Company that comes to you

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Dallas Aquarium Experts is celebrating our ten-year anniversary this year and want to Saltwater Aquarium Service, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service, Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance Service, Reef Tank service, Reef Aquarium Service, Reef Tank Maintenance Service, Reef Aquarium Maintenance Servicethank all our aquarium service clients.  Dallas Aquarium Experts is known for high level aquarium service and outstanding customer service. We provide aquarium maintenance service to commercial and large residential aquariums.  We excel in both freshwater aquarium maintenance service and saltwater aquarium maintenance service.  Our aquarium maintenance scheduling is consistent and predictable.  Our clients appreciate our consistent scheduling and predictability.  In turn our client’s aquariums reward them with healthy inhabitants with vibrant colors.  Another feature our client appreciate is the consistency of our aquarium service technicians.

Your Aquarium Service Maintenance Technician

Clients trust and feel more comfortable when they get to know the aquarium service Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Fish Tank Cleaning Service, Fish Tank Service, Saltwater Aquarium Service, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service, Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance, Saltwater Aquarium Maintenancetechnician.  It is also valuable from an aquarium maintenance stand point. Understanding the history of an aquarium and any issues is valuable when deciding a future course of action.  Every aquarium is different with a multitude of variables, not every aquarium responds the same to corrective steps or measures taken.  Therefore, knowing this information and using it to make decisions on how to move forward critical.

Supplying Your Aquarium’s Needs

Aquarium maintenance service includes water chemistry testing, algae scraping, water lg_73746_Blue_Tangchanges, and replacement of filter media intended to be replaced at each aquarium cleaning.  Our service clients also appreciate that we recommend the highest quality aquarium food products and stock those fish and coral food products so you never run out or have to worry about remembering to go buy the food themselves. We also recommend and supply supplements for reef tank service.

Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Aquarium Store

Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store has one of the most extensive online Glass Aquarium Design and Aquarium Installation from by Dallas Aquarium ExpertsAquarium selections in the country.  On our website you will find everything from stands and canopies, aquarium filtration systems, aquarium pumps, saltwater aquarium protein skimmers, and LED aquarium lighting systems.  So, if you are wanting to price out and put together a custom aquarium setup or simply need to replace or upgrade a piece of equipment for your aquarium you can find it at our Online Store.  One of the best aspects of our online selection is we only offer products and supplies we recommend and use.  Therefore, you know everything offered to tested and used by us in our shop or in our aquarium service client’s aquariums.

Aquarium Solutions that make sense

Dallas Aquarium Experts Owner Morgan O'Neal along with his familyThe number one thing our clients tell us repeatedly that they appreciate most about using Dallas Aquarium Experts is that when an issue arises or they have any questions, their single contact point and that person is the owner and founder of Dallas Aquarium Expert, Morgan O’Neal who can be reached directly at (469) 450-3900.  Having a direct connection to the owner means that when you call Dallas Aquarium Experts the person on the other end of the phone others the ability to make things happen, as well as offering the highest level of customer service and aquarium problem solving ability for our clients.

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