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Dallas Aquarium Experts Certified Fish

aquarium leasing, Aquarium Lease, fish tank lease, fish tank rental, aquarium rental, aquarium service, aquarium maintenance service, leasing an aquarium, fish tank cleaning serviceWe highly encourage our aquarium maintenance service clients to choose our Aquarium Expert Certified Fish.   All our fish must successfully complete a quarantine process prior to delivering and acclimating  them to our clients aquarium.  This is really important process because it greatly reduces the chance of bringing any pathogens into our clients display tanks, that would require treatment and could potentially get existing fish sick. When we bring fish into our system for our clients, we will quarantine them for a minimum of 14 days.  This gives time for the majority of pathogens to be detected and treated. It also allows time to be sure fish are eating well and have had an opportunity adjust and acclimate after moving through the wholesale supply chain.  We have found that going through this process greatly increases the our success and greatly reduces mortality rates within our clients aquariums.  I don’t know of any local brick and mortar or fish importer that put all new fish through a two week quarantine, most stores simply want to sell the fish as quickly as possible so that they don’t die while at the shop and they are able to maintain better margins on their livestock sales, unfortunately that process isn’t typically in the hobbyist’s best interest.  Our business model is to develop and maintain long term relationships with our aquarium service clients while providing world class customer service.  When it comes to introducing new fish, the goal is to introduce healthy fish without issue in our clients aquariums.

aquarium leasing, Aquarium Lease, fish tank lease, fish tank rental, aquarium rental, aquarium service, aquarium maintenance service, leasing an aquarium, fish tank cleaning serviceWhen an aquarium maintenance service clients wants to add fish we go about one of two ways. Most commercial aquarium maintenance clients trust us to stock their aquariums.  We have certain fish we recommend because they can coexist well, have the same basic water chemistry and food requirements, and tend to be hardy fish.  However, sometimes residential clients have specific fish they want in their aquarium.  When this is the situation we will discuss pros and cons of the fish they are considering.   Also we can make recommendations based off our client’s “fish wish list”.  Sometimes we can make suggestions that are very similar to what a client has in mind but may be a hardier fish or maybe has a better deposition  better suited for the existing fish.

lease aquarium, aquarium leasing, fish tank rental, fish tank leasing, aquarium rental, dallas aquarium experts, aquarium serviceThe down side of our quarantine process is it, it takes longer from when you decide what fish you want, to when you actually get your new fish. We have found the lack of instant gratification far outweighs issues that come up from purchasing fish rushed through the supply chain and all the issues it creates.