Don’t buy the first fish off the boat.

Don’t buy the first fish off the boat.

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Avoid buying any new arrivals from your local fish store recently received.  If the fish are still in a packing create, that should give you a clue.  You should see a large number of bags containing fish floating in the aquariums on the days the store receive new shipments.  Most dealers receive new fish at least once a week. Ask your dealer which days these are.  A good dealer doesn’t allow customers to purchase fish until there has been sufficient time to quarantine them.  This quarantine prior reduces the fish’s stress from shipping and allows the shop’s personnel to treat any disease that shows up in the first few days after arrival.

If you happen to see some fish that catch your eye while they are still in the bags, ask the dealer to hold them for you until a reasonable quarantine period has expired.  Most dealers willingly agree to do that.  Helpful merchants who take the time to grant such simple requests provide customer satisfaction are defiantly worth patronizing in the future.  Stop for a moment and ask yourself one simple question.  If I owned the fish shop, would I do this for my customer?  If the answer is yes, then you should expect your dealer to do the same thing.

At Dallas Aquarium Experts we quarantine all of our client’s fish prior to delivering them to their new aquarium.  Dallas Aquarium Experts the best aquarium service in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and Allen Texas.  Call us today for a free estimate on aquarium service.

Aquarium Leasing – Dallas Aquarium Experts


Dallas Aquarium Experts offers all inclusive freshwater aquarium leasing services.


Great for your Lobby, Home, or Office

Would you like a beautiful fish aquarium in your home or office?

Low upfront cost and low monthly fee that includes our all “inclusive package” comes with

  • A beautiful aquarium of your choice
  • Many stand and canopy options to match your décor
  • Hand crafted stands to conceal equipment and supplies
  • Hand crafted canopy to conceal lighting system
  • An appropriate number of fish included
  • Replacing  fish if necessary and  accessories if needed
  • Cleaning of aquarium / water change outs
  • Repositioning of the aqua-scaping or variety
  • Includes fish food