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Aquarium Service
Aquarium Service

Mini-reef aquariums require high output lighting and multiple water pumps to optimize the health and growth of corals.  This often requires a chiller unit to help maintain the proper range of temperatures.  Modern in line chillers use a titanium heat exchanger and require a water pump to circulate water through the chiller.  The chiller has an internal temperature senor with a digital readout to set the desired temperature and maintain the aquarium within one degree of the set point.  In line chillers have a rating in horse power or BTU and manufactures will provide general guidelines to match the size of the chiller, the flow rate and aquarium size to maximize efficiency.  You want to oversize the chiller but you do not want to overdo it because that will cause rapid “on/off”cycles of the condenser.  While you can use the main circulation water pump, it is easier to use a smaller, dedicated water pump just for the chiller.  It is best to place the chiller outside of a cabinet stand to help dissipate the heat.

We at Dallas Aquarium Experts would greatly appreciate the opportunity to become your aquarium service provider. If you feel your aquarium doesn’t look as healthy, pristine, and vibrant as it should please call us and we will provide a free consultation.  Contact us today at 469-450-3900 for the best aquarium service in North Dallas and surrounding areas.

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Dallas Aquarium Experts offer a variety of Aquarium Maintenance Services to keep your fresh water aquarium, saltwater aquarium, or reef tank healthy, thriving, and looking its best. Our success with aquariums starts with decades of experience and knowledge in maintaining  freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums, and reef tanks.  One of the most important keys to our success is superior water quality.  The lifeblood of any aquarium. We always use only Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized water when servicing or installing Reef Tanks, Marine Aquariums, and Freshwater Aquariums. We offer only the best products to our clients and their Aquariums.  Whether your need is an Aquarium Cleaning, Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance, or Salt Water Maintenance, or you are interested in a new Freshwater Aquarium, Salt Water Aquarium, or Reef Tank in your office or home, Dallas Aquarium Experts is the best choice you can make.  We know what we are doing and will make sure you never need to find another aquarium maintenance company. We want every customer to feel like they are our only customer.

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