Dallas Aquarium Experts is Hiring Aquarium Service Technicians

Do you love aquariums?

Dallas Aquarium Experts an Aquarium Maintenance Service Company is now hiring for the position of Aquarium Service Technician.  As an Aquarium Maintenance Technician, you would begin your day by preparing for aquarium service van with supplies and water needed to perform fish tank cleanings for service clients scheduled for the day.  Our service clientele consists of both residential and commercial aquariums.  Aquarium maintenance service is a luxury service, a professional appearance and strong communication skills are both essential requirements to be considered for this position. 

The Dallas Aquarium Experts Aquarium Service Staff

In the field Aquarium Technician

This is an aquarium technician type of position; Dallas Aquarium Experts is not a retail store, we are a service company and also have an online aquarium store. The average day consists of 4 to 6 service stops where you will perform an aquarium cleaning service which consists of a 10% to 50% water change, water testing, replacing filter media, scraping nascence algae off the glass, delivering food, supplements, and occasionally livestock.

Dallas Aquarium Experts - Aquarium Service Technician performing aquarium maintenance service.

Aquarium Service Technician Training

To be successful and enjoy this position long term you must love aquariums.  New Aquarium Service Technicians go through a two to three-month training program which primarily takes place during ride along situations with our trainer.  The vast majority of training is conducted by our owner.  During this time, you will receive instruction on how perform aquarium maintenance the “Dallas Aquarium Experts way”.  This is an important distinction; Dallas Aquarium Experts is a commercial aquarium service provider using commercial procedures which are different from techniques used by the average aquarium hobbyist.   Training is hands on and meant to help fast-track new hires to be able to perform aquarium maintenance visits without trainer instruction.

Dallas Aquarium Experts -  aquarium maintenance van

Once Initial Training is Successfully Completed, what to expect

Once training has been completed, initially you will be working primarily with freshwater systems.  As your career progresses you will learn more about marine systems.  Saltwater aquariums and Reef Tanks are far more complicated.  Performing Aquarium Maintenance Services on our Client’s Saltwater and Reef Tanks systems requires years of experience and typically performed by our Aquarium Service Technicians with years of experience with Dallas Aquarium Experts.

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Initially the position is 32 hours a week, could be any combination four to five days a week, Monday through Friday, work days always begin at 9am and typically end between 4:00 and 5:30 for a new hire.  Our average trained aquarium service technician works Monday through Friday, five days a week usually putting 36 to 40 hours a week.

Dallas Aquarium Experts - Aquarium Service Technician performing aquarium maintenance service.

Aquarium Technician Compensation

Compensation begins at $14.00 per hour and goes up based on your ability to perform and take direction.  Compensation will go up to $15.00 per hour after successful completion of your first sixty days of performing aquarium maintenance service on your own.  As your ability to handle more responsibility increases, so will you hourly wage. We will recognize and reward success however we do not tolerate laziness or incompetence. If you are under performing and make the same mistakes routinely, employment will be terminated.  Dallas Aquarium Experts is all about taking care of aquariums and we are seeking out great employees who have a passion for aquariums to help grow our business.

Dallas Aquarium Experts - Aquarium Service Technician performing aquarium maintenance service.

Ready to take the first step to becoming an Aquarium Service Technician?

We are celebrated our Ten-Year Anniversary in 2020 and are looking forward to continued growth.  If you have a passion for aquariums, think you would be a good fit with our culture, and want to be considered for the position send your resume to sales@dallasaquariumexperts.com attention Morgan. We recommend including a cover letter describing why you think you should be considered for this position. It’s also important tell a bit about your experience with aquariums.

Dallas Aquarium Experts - installing a new custom aquarium.

Our goal is to find, hire, and train employees who will be employed for many years. We will make an investment in your training and you as a person. In return, we want long term employees who are looking for a career within the aquarium industry.

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