Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Dallas Aquarium Experts provides saltwater aquarium cleaning for homes and businesses.  A saltwater aquarium can be a delicate environment that needs extra care and knowledge to achieve success.  Saltwater aquariums are divided into two types.  One is a reef tank with corals and fish.  The other is a FOWLR (fish only with live rock.)  Either way you go, proper maintenance is a must.  Regular aquarium maintenance is needed to keep your saltwater aquarium healthy and clean.  Not everybody has the time for the upkeep that a saltwater aquarium needs.  We understand.  Dallas Aquarium Experts offer once a month, twice a month, or weekly service visits to provide our clients with the proper maintenance to keep these ecosystems healthy and happy. We generally suggest twice a month service for most saltwater aquariums.  We realize that not all aquariums are “created equal.”  Our prices are figured according to the size of the tank and the customer’s choice of service visits. Please contact us to get a quote for your saltwater aquarium cleaning, setting up, or move.

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The Dallas Aquarium Experts Philosophy

– We believe an open and honest dialogue with our clients is the key to a successful relationship and an outstanding aquarium service experience.
– We enjoy educating our clients about their aquarium.
– We strive for the long-term solution and not the quick-fix.
– We are here to make your fish thrive, not merely survive.


Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today to for a free consultation, and allow us to be your Aquarium Service provider and handle your Aquarium Maintenance needs.



Dallas Aquarium Experts, Aquarium Service can provide your business, restaurant, professional office, or shopping center with a complete custom designed and themed aquarium that is guaranteed to “wow” your clients and patrons. Be the talk of the town and use your custom system to draw people to your establishment.

Aquarium Service
Aquarium Service

We can provide complete system and support hardware design.
Dallas Aquarium Experts will work directly with you and your interior designer and construction company. If you are looking to have a magnificent system installed in your existing building, we can provide all the necessary pieces to compliment your interior decor.

After installation, Dallas Experts Aquarium Service will provide professional care to keep your system running smoothly and your prized inhabitants thriving.

For a free estimate give us a call today at (469) 450-3900. Or click here Dallas Aquarium Experts – Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Leasing