Betta Fish-what you should know…

  1. Your Betta will thrive in the cleanest water that you can provide for him. He does not require a filtration system, but you should change out a third of his water every three days so it stays fresh and clean and keeps your finned friend from getting bacterial or fungal infections. Aged water (water that has set out for twenty-four hours) is what should be used to replace the old water. Using Betta conditioners is still a good idea. Distilled water should be avoided.
  2. Do not put your Betta fish with other Betta’s. They are called Siamese fighting fish because they are, in fact, fighting fish. They will tear at one another, often causing the death of at least one fish before they stop.
  3. When you clean the plants, rocks, or decorations in the bowl you should never use soap on them. It’s very hard to completely rinse all soap from these items and the soap residue can harm or even kill your Betta. Instead, use warm water and an abrasive brush to clean his things.
  4. Do not over feed your Betta fish.  Adult betta fish should be fed once a day and babies should be fed twice a day. It is extremely important not to overfeed the fish. Keep an eye on them as they eat and remove any food that is uneaten when they are done.
    Generally, a Betta fish should take about two to five minutes to fill up, so avoid feeding them more than they can eat in that time.
    Use a turkey baster to clean small particles of uneaten food or debris from the bottom of the bowl or jar. Allowing this debris to sit at the bottom of the jar will cause the water to become cloudy, unsanitary, and to smell awful.
  5. Keep your Betta tank, jar, or bowl covered,your Beta will jump!  Keeping the water level at least two – three inches from the top of the tank should also cut down on this problem.
  6. The PH level of your water source is important to measure and adjust as needed (betta buffers do this for you). The betta fish prefers as close to neutral water as possible, 7.0, but can manage in water that is between 6.5 and 7.5
  7. The temperature of the water is also important, as the Betta fish is considered a tropical fish. Water between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal but the betta can adapt to lower or higher temperatures as long as the change is gradual.
  8. Occasionally place a mirror in front of a male Betta fish for some entertaining exercise. However, do not leave the mirror in place for long, as it will exhaust him!
  9. If introducing a Betta fish to a community of fish, avoid inhabiting them with fin nippers or other fish that might irritate or feed on the slow-moving betta fish
  10. Betta fish are relatively hardy, but like any aquarium fish, they need to be taken care of.

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