Ten Common Marine Aquarium Setup Mistakes

1. Impatience: filling the aquarium with saltwater and starting the equipment before; leveling the tank, checking for leaks; testing all equipment and connections.

2. Using synthetic saltwater too soon after it is mixed, at Dallas Aquarium Experts we always mix our synthetic saltwater 24 hours prior to putting it in your aquarium.

3. Placing live rock too close to aquarium walls

4.  Stacking live rock like a stone wall rather than in a natural, open structure

5.  Not allowing live rock to cure before introducing any fishes to the aquarium.

6.  Not allowing time for the tank to “cycle” and for the populations of beneficial bacteria to become established

7.  Failing to quarantine new fish

8.  Adding too many to too soon

9.  Not adding herbivores (maintenance animals) as soon green film algae  begins to appear

10.  Adding uncured live rock after the system has been stocked with fishes.

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