Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Aquarium Sales

Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store offers one of the largest online selections of aquariums, aquarium stands, and canopies. We also offer the same equipment and aquarium products we recommend to our local aquarium maintenance service clients here in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding communities. 

Local Aquarium Sales, Delivery, and Installation

When a local service client decides they want to purchase a new aquarium set up, Dallas Aquarium Experts delivers and installs the aquarium for our clients here in DFW.  We will install and prepare the aquarium’s biological, and mechanical filtration systems, circulation pumps, lighting systems, and aqua scaping in preparation for delivery and acclamation Dallas Aquarium Experts Certified Fish and Corals.  We then set up the regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance service.  We have experienced tremendous success here in Dallas with this process.

Online Aquarium Sales

At Dallas Aquarium Experts we are experiencing an increase in requests for information about shipping custom glass aquariums, furniture grade aquarium stands and aquarium canopies to areas outside of our local service area. The sales process remains the same. The biggest difference is that the aquarium, stand and canopy is delivered via freight through a third-party carrier.

Classic Stand and Canopy

Custom Aquarium Purchase Process

Initially the process is the same.  We have conversations with prospective clients and owner Morgan O’Neal.  During these initial conversations we determine our clients wants, needs, and budget.  We then make our recommendations that will ensure our client’s aquariums are set up for long term success.  Once we have determined everything from aquarium size to the stand style stain color, we then are able to request a crate and freight estimates from the manufacturers and 3rd party shipping/carriers.

Custom Aquarium from Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store

Custom Aquarium Crate with Pricing Example

When a brand-new custom aquarium set up leaves our manufacture and is being prepared for transit it is placed in a custom-built crate prior to going on to a box truck and sent out for delivery.  Here is an example of a client’s crating and freight costs. This aquarium set up is a 90-gallon tank a with stand and canopy.  This 90-gallon aquarium which is 48.5 inches in length.  The aquarium stand is a 36-inch tall Elegance Stand with matching Elegance Canopy 12 inches in height. The cost of a custom crate in this example is $170.00.  The dimensions are important because the larger the items being shipped the more materials needed to build the shipping crate.

210 Gallon Glass Tank with the Elegance Aquarium Stand and Canopy

Custom Aquarium Freight with Pricing Example

In this example, the aquarium set-up is leaving Planet Aquariums located in Arlington, Texas and headed to Mebane, a small town with a population of 15,000 in North Carolina. The freight cost was $250. Freight charges can vary greatly depending on location. Fuel costs and shipper volumes are variables that effect pricing daily. We have no profit margin on crating and freight fees those costs are passed along to our clients.

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105 Gallon Trimless Crystaline Aquarium and Stand Package. This tank has the external overflow option

What’s the Cost to have an Aquarium shipped to me?

In this example, the cost of crating and the freight of a 90-gallon show tank, with an Elegance Stand, and Canopy added an additional $420 to the cost.  Purchasing an aquarium online with these additional fees will not make sense for everyone. However, if you live in an area without a direct local access to custom aquariums, furniture grade aquarium stands and canopies and within the budget. Then purchasing your new custom aquarium setup through Dallas Aquarium Experts may be a great option.

90 Gallon Tank, White Elegance Stand & Canopy

How long until my new Custom Aquarium Arrives?

At the time this article was written in September 2020 the current production time is 4 to 5 weeks.  Once aquarium craftsman has completed your project and everything has passed our quality control our inspections, it is ready to be shipped. Transit time varies by local, in this example it added an additional 5 business days.

What should I expect when my new custom aquarium arrives for delivery?

Your crated aquarium set up arrives on a box truck.  The driver will have a lift gate and the crate will be unloaded.  Once the aquarium set up is off the truck, the driver is not responsible to help move the aquarium.  You need to be there to accept the delivery and sign off on the Bill of Landing.  This is a critical part of the process and can be easily overlooked.  The carrier is responsible for delivering the shipment to you without damage or loss. It is your responsibility to open the crate and check the aquarium inside and outside.  If any damages are found, take clear photos of any damages to the aquarium and the crate.  You must make note of all issues on the Bill of Landing before signing.  If the aquarium glass is cracked or if the cabinetry has damages that cannot be fixed with touch up paint, you must refuse delivery and call Dallas Aquarium Expert immediately.

Custom Aquarium Deli

This project required a rental forklift to move the tank and stand into place upon arrival

Don’t buy the first fish off the boat.

Don’t buy the first fish off the boat.

Aquarium Service
Dallas Aquarium Experts – Aquarium Service Company

Avoid buying any new arrivals from your local fish store recently received.  If the fish are still in a packing create, that should give you a clue.  You should see a large number of bags containing fish floating in the aquariums on the days the store receive new shipments.  Most dealers receive new fish at least once a week. Ask your dealer which days these are.  A good dealer doesn’t allow customers to purchase fish until there has been sufficient time to quarantine them.  This quarantine prior reduces the fish’s stress from shipping and allows the shop’s personnel to treat any disease that shows up in the first few days after arrival.

If you happen to see some fish that catch your eye while they are still in the bags, ask the dealer to hold them for you until a reasonable quarantine period has expired.  Most dealers willingly agree to do that.  Helpful merchants who take the time to grant such simple requests provide customer satisfaction are defiantly worth patronizing in the future.  Stop for a moment and ask yourself one simple question.  If I owned the fish shop, would I do this for my customer?  If the answer is yes, then you should expect your dealer to do the same thing.

At Dallas Aquarium Experts we quarantine all of our client’s fish prior to delivering them to their new aquarium.  Dallas Aquarium Experts the best aquarium service in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and Allen Texas.  Call us today for a free estimate on aquarium service.


Aquarium Service

Aquarium Service
Aquarium Service

WATER CHANGES- Serve an important role in your aquarium, yet you either love them, or hate them. We at Dallas Aquarium Experts are in the “love them” camp and when we are designing an aquarium for a client, we’re often asked to make water changes as easy as possible.

The role a water change plays is to export nutrients out of your saltwater aquarium. By removing existing water out of your system and replacing it with fresh saltwater, nutrient levels are reduced and other important levels (calcium, magnesium, trace elements, etc) are increased. Here’s the key thing to note about the reduction of the nutrient levels though: unless a large (50% or more) water change is performed, you’re not going to reduce nutrient levels by a large amount. I often hear people talk about having a high phosphate or nitrate levels and the advice given is to a 10-20% water change. The water change isn’t going to provide the large drop in levels that are needed to maintain proper water quality and keep your aquarium looking its best.

Why even do smaller water changes then if they aren’t useful unless the quantity of water removed is large? Several reasons:

1) When water changes of 20% are done on a weekly basis or 30% are done on a bi-weekly basis this should be sufficient as long as the aquarium is not over stocked and feeding is done appropriately. This will greatly reduce larger issues down the road that are difficult, expensive, and usually slow to correct.

2) Replenishment of elements. Until an aquarium is well stocked with corals, calcium, magnesium and alkalinity levels can be maintained simply through water changes.

3) Promotes good habits. When doing a water change, you have to pay attention to your aquarium as you are turning pumps on/off, removing water, changing filter media, checking fish health, etc. The water change exercise is a great time to look over the aquarium to make sure everything is looking good and running well. Maintaining a weekly water change routine forces you to give your aquarium a good look over which will help catch any problems faster.

Our way isn’t the only way however it is the way that has worked for Dallas Aquarium Experts and our clients time and time again.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Top Ten Common Aquarium Maintenance Mistakes

Aquarium Maintenance Service Company



Ten Common Aquarium Maintenance Mistakes

1) Allowing too much time between water changes.

2) Letting the mechanical filters and skimmer become dirty and clogged

3) Using impure water for makeup

4) Overfeeding

5) Using cheap synthetic

6) Allowing dead spots to form and detritus to build up on, under, and behind rocks

7) Not using activated carbon to clarify water

8) Only changing the fluorescent lights after they are burned out

9) Using window cleaners containing ammonia near the aquarium

10) Not using Dallas Aquarium Experts as your aquarium maintenance service company


Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today for a free estimate!

One last “maintenance task” that should be done daily is to sit back and observe the aquarium. As simple as this sounds, there is no more important habit.

Below you’ll find some tips on chores you can do daily to ensure your aquarium is running in tip-top shape.

Top off fresh water lost to evaporation—usually about a half-gallon a day, depending on the humidity level in my home. This process can be fairly easily automated, however, eliminating even this simple step.

Each day’s routine also involves an inspection of all the livestock in my tank. You want to make sure that all the animals are present and accounted for (i.e., nothing has perished in the rockwork or leapt from the tank) and that everything looks healthy, uninjured, and disease-free. This really isn’t much of a chore, since it gives you an excuse to observe the tank and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Check water temperature and specific gravity to make sure these crucial parameters aren’t straying off course. Monitoring these parameters daily allows you to catch and correct subtle deviations using small adjustments rather than having to make hug corrections after a precipitous change has occurred.

You should perform a quick daily inspection of all my heating, filtration, lighting, and protein-skimming equipment to make sure everything is functioning properly.

This may sound like a lot to do each day, but again, these are all very simple steps and virtually all of them can be completed in a matter of minutes.

aquarium service
aquarium service

Perform Water Changes – Bi-Monthly
In addition to refilling your top-off reservoir, you should also perform water changes at least twice a month. These water changes do not need to be drastic – in fact, they should not exceed 25% of the tank volume. You must prepare your saltwater at least 24 hours before performing a water change and you should carefully check the salinity to make sure it matches the salinity of the tank. You should also try to match the water temperature so the water change doesn’t have an effect on your tank temperature. In addition to performing water changes, you may also want to wipe down the tank glass and clean away any salt deposits on tank equipment.
Research, Research, Research
If you are considering setting up a saltwater aquarium in your home, your first step is research. Learn as much as you can about the individual fish and invertebrates that interest you. Not all species offered in the industry are equally well suited for the typical home aquarium. Choose fish and invertebrates suitable for the novice aquarist and refrain from pursuing unsuitable species, or species that have poor success rates in captivity.


Aquarium Leasing & Maintenance

Benefits of Aquarium Leasing / Maintenance:

The calming and relaxing benefits that an aquarium brings to a home or workplace are well documented. Dallas Aquarium Experts aquarium lease service now offers you a hassle free way of keeping fish, meaning you can enjoy the pleasure and health benefits of keeping fish without the hassle of cleaning and maintenance.

Question – Do you find yourself, work colleagues or clients becoming stressed or in need of relaxation?

Answer – A Dallas Aquarium Experts aquarium might be just the thing for your home or business!

Why is this?

It has been proven that observing fish helps to lower stress levels, blood pressure and can aid relaxation, whilst improving productivity of staff. Various tests have been carried out since the late 1980s demonstrating that watching fish, even if on a television, can help to reduce stress.

In today’s hectic and fast-moving society, an aquarium can provide peace, serenity and relaxation. This is the reason why living aquariums can play an important role when placed in high-stress environments.

However, your personal environment does not have to be stressful in order to enjoy our systems. Our locations include private homes, hospitals, schools, hotels and businesses… the list is endless!

The Lease Aquarium

Our aquarium lease package consists of a tank, cabinet, equipment and livestock. Our cabinets are available in a range of standard sizes, and made-to-measure sizes and finishes. We will work closely with you to ensure that your aquarium complements its surrounding decor. The aquarium will be fully maintained on a monthly or weekly basis. All food and accessories are provided. This results in a complete aquatic service with minimum input on your behalf.

Aquarium Maintenance

Dallas Aquarium Experts aquarium maintenance service is the best currently available in Dallas. Our packages have been carefully designed to ensure all budgets and requirements are catered for.

At Dallas Aquarium Experts we consider every aquarium to be unique. We have the knowledge; skills and resources necessary to ensure any aquarium in DFW will not only be an asset to your home or business, it will not look better under the supervision of any other aquarium maintenance provider.

You may be a caring enthusiast who’s about to go on holiday or a CEO who just wants the best in hassle free aquarium installation. In any case we have a solution for you.


Always on time

Our team works to tight scheduled appointments. After an initial consultation and visit, you can expect the same team member to visit you on time at the agreed interval. We will never send a new face to your home or business without prior introduction.


We won’t get in the way

When contracting Dallas Aquarium Experts as your aquarium maintenance provider you can rest assured you will always receive the very best in aquarium maintenance available. Our team understands the demands of the busy home or work place and will make their visit as unobtrusive as possible. Not only will you get the best service available, your aquarium will not look better with any other aquarium maintenance provider.


What we do on a standard visit

To ensure that your system is always at its best and our service is consistent our aquarium maintenance staff always carries out the following tasks.

 Rake and siphon debris from gravel bed

 Change or rinse mechanical and chemical filtration media

 Check the inventory of food

 Check and test water quality and temperature

 Water change and top up

 Visual check of equipment, air and water flow

 Check fish for disease

 Clean exterior and interior aquarium surfaces


An aquarium is an ideal addition that will brighten up and bring a calming atmosphere to reception areas, work areas and waiting rooms with one of our aquariums your public access areas will become both interesting and relaxing.



Unsafe Decorations can cause BIG problems




Stuff from your yard often contains all sorts of parasites and other nasty things that can cause disease in your tank and foul the water.  And it may not be safe to use non-aquarium rocks, wood, plastic sunflowers for standard aquarium use because many contain harmful dyes, and paints or fall apart once they sit in water. 

Your best bet for safe decorations is to purchase pieces from a reputable aquarium dealer.  I can’t emphasize this important point enough.  Unsafe decorations can kill fish, ruin your aquarium conditions, and cost you a lot of money and heartache.

Statuettes and toys that you find around the house may contain internal parts made of metal, which cause destruction in a tank.  Dyes and other surface materials can produce ill effects on fish and other species.


Whether your need is servicing an existing aquarium, or you are interested in a new aquarium setup, we will schedule a free consultation where an experienced professional will meet with you at your home or place of business.  We will assess your current situation and devise a plan that will help you move closer to the aquarium you have always wanted.


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Aquarium Maintenance – Dallas Aquarium Experts

Aquarium Maintenance & Service, Aquarium Leasing Design & Installation, Aquarium Start Up (469) 450 3900  


 Dallas Aquarium Experts offer a variety of Aquarium Maintenance Services in Dallas to keep your fresh water aquarium, saltwater aquarium, or reef tank healthy, thriving, and looking its best. Our success with aquariums starts with decades of experience and knowledge in maintaining freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums, and reef tanks.

Aquarium Maintenance

 Our aquarium maintenance service is specific to each aquarium system, whether it be marine, reef or freshwater, each one is diverse in its own way. Although a few of the aquariums we maintain were not installed by Dallas aquarium Experts, we have very extensive knowledge in the multiple methods used by other companies. We feel very confident we can take over the maintenance of your aquarium without your animals suffering any stress. If we feel there should be upgrades or improvements to your system, we will inform you of our ideas.

Included in our maintenance services are a physical inspection of your equipment & animals, changing and/or cleaning of filter media, addition of additives and/or chemical filtration, cleaning of interior & exterior of aquarium, vacuum of substrate, water change, replacement or cleaning of decor and water chemistry test.

To make your life a little easier we will even provide your aquarium with an automatic feeder (topped off at each visit), we will deliver food, additives and even livestock (saving you time and gas). If all you want to do is look at and enjoy your aquarium, and that’s it, we can provide that service for you.

Good, consistent water quality is the single most important element of a healthy aquarium. To maintain water quality, a regular schedule of partial water changes is essential in most aquarium setups. The reasons why partial water changes are so important (as opposed to total “clean-ups”), involve the concepts of Basic Aquarium Water Parameters and The Nitrogen Cycle.


Our professional and dependable services can be custom tailored to fit your particular needs. Weekly visits make your aquarium a hands free experience, perfect for a waiting room or office-type setting. The weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly programs let you choose the amount of involvement you wish to have.


Visits Include

•Water Change (we always use Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water) 10-50% by gravel vacuum, depending on aquarium conditions


•Fish health assessment


•Full water quality testing


•Adjust pH up or down as required


•Vacuuming waste from the gravel or bottom of the aquarium


•Inspection and servicing of any external filters and parts including the protein skimmer, air stone, pre-filters, motors, pumps, impellers, etc


•Clean filters and replace filter media as needed


•Lighting and heating system inspection


•Cleaning the plants and decorations as required


•Redecoration of aquarium aquascaping


•Cleaning aquarium lids, tops and light fixtures


•Cleaning all glass surfaces inside and out


•Delivery of any livestock or dry goods ordered or purchased


Contact us today to schedule your free consultation


Whether your need is servicing an existing aquarium, or you are interested in a new aquarium setup, we will schedule a free consultation where an experienced professional will meet with you at your home or place of business. We will assess your current situation and divise a plan that will help you move closer to the aquarium you have always wanted.




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Aquarium Leasing – Dallas Aquarium Experts


Dallas Aquarium Experts offers all inclusive freshwater aquarium leasing services.


Great for your Lobby, Home, or Office

Would you like a beautiful fish aquarium in your home or office?

Low upfront cost and low monthly fee that includes our all “inclusive package” comes with

  • A beautiful aquarium of your choice
  • Many stand and canopy options to match your décor
  • Hand crafted stands to conceal equipment and supplies
  • Hand crafted canopy to conceal lighting system
  • An appropriate number of fish included
  • Replacing  fish if necessary and  accessories if needed
  • Cleaning of aquarium / water change outs
  • Repositioning of the aqua-scaping or variety
  • Includes fish food

Dallas Aquarium Experts – Frequently Asked Aquarium Maintenance Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How often should my aquarium be serviced?

Frequency of aquarium maintenance and service is determined by the size of your aquarium, how heavily stocked the aquarium is which species of fish or other animals you are keeping, and how you want your aquarium to look.

Dallas Aquarium Experts Service offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service and maintenance customized to your needs.

What are the benefits of having my aquarium or pond professionally maintained?

Regular aquarium service helps to ensure the overall health of your fish, plants, and other aquatic animals. Regular water changes and health assessments help ward off disease and address small problems before they become major issues.

I’m thinking about buying an aquarium, can you help me make the best selection?

Dallas Aquarium Experts Service can help you select the best aquarium, stand, lighting, filtration, and any other equipment you may need. The best choices are based on the animals you would like to keep in your aquarium.

Is having an aquarium a lot of work?

It can be, but having a service and maintenance performed by a professional from Dallas Aquarium Experts Service makes owning a freshwater or saltwater aquarium easy and fun.

Are saltwater aquariums more difficult to care for than freshwater aquariums?

There is a common misconception that saltwater aquariums are more difficult to keep than freshwater aquariums. Although there is some more work associated with successfully keeping a saltwater aquarium, it is not that much more difficult than keeping a freshwater aquarium.

The key to a healthy and enjoyable saltwater aquarium is to set up the aquarium correctly in the first place with proper filtration, animals that are best suited to the environment you wish to create and that are healthy and quarantined before being introduced to the aquarium, and the feeding of a proper diet.

A saltwater tank can be fun, educational, and a beautiful centerpiece in your home or office.

I have one fish that keeps killing all of my other fish. What’s wrong?

This is a common aquarium problem with a simple answer… not all species of aquatic life are compatible in the same aquarium. Expert advice when selecting tank mates can help reduce or eliminate aggression.

How much does aquarium service and maintenance cost?

Schedule a free consultation with Dallas Aquarium Experts today and service professional will come to your home or business and access your current situation. Before you make your decision on an Aquarium Maintenance Company in Dallas, allow us the opportunity to provide you a free consultation regarding your current Aquarium or we can provide an estimate on a new aquarium set-up and aquarium maintenance. Your fish will reward you with their natural beauty and years of enjoyment.


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Plastic Plants

The appearance and variety of artificial plants have really improved in the last ten years.  You can easily find plastic plants in all different colors and sizes to suit your aquarium size and layout.  If you don’t want to crowd the appearance of your tank, buy small plants for the front of the tank and larger plants for the back. 

There are many advantages to artificial plants:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to care for
  • Live forever
  • Won’t be eaten
  • Easy to remove
  • Wide variety

There are also a few disadvantages to artificial plants

  • Can look fake
  • Expensive
  • Fish may not like them

During your regular scheduled aquarium maintenance, Dallas Aquarium Experts can rotate your old plants with clean algae free plants on a regular basis to help keep your freshwater aquarium looking it’s best.  Dallas Aquarium Experts offers many different plans available to help us help you keep your Aquarium in top shape, with clean, beautiful, and healthy fish. We can schedule your cleaning visits on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, as needed to keep your Aquarium properly maintained. 

Whether your need is servicing an existing aquarium, or you are interested in a new aquarium setup, we will schedule a free consultation where an experienced professional will meet with you at your home or place of business. We will assess your current situation and devise a plan that will help you move closer to the aquarium you have always wanted.


Call us at (469) 450-3900

Email us at: sales@dallasaquariumexperts.com