Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Aquarium Sales

Elegance Stand and Canopy

Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store offers one of the largest online selections of aquariums, aquarium stands, and canopies. We also offer the same equipment and aquarium products we recommend to our local aquarium maintenance service clients here in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding communities. 

Local Aquarium Sales, Delivery, and Installation

When a local service client decides they want to purchase a new aquarium set up, Dallas Aquarium Experts delivers and installs the aquarium for our clients here in DFW.  We will install and prepare the aquarium’s biological, and mechanical filtration systems, circulation pumps, lighting systems, and aqua scaping in preparation for delivery and acclamation Dallas Aquarium Experts Certified Fish and Corals.  We then set up the regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance service.  We have experienced tremendous success here in Dallas with this process.

Online Aquarium Sales

At Dallas Aquarium Experts we are experiencing an increase in requests for information about shipping custom glass aquariums, furniture grade aquarium stands and aquarium canopies to areas outside of our local service area. The sales process remains the same. The biggest difference is that the aquarium, stand and canopy is delivered via freight through a third-party carrier.

Classic Stand and Canopy

Custom Aquarium Purchase Process

Initially the process is the same.  We have conversations with prospective clients and owner Morgan O’Neal.  During these initial conversations we determine our clients wants, needs, and budget.  We then make our recommendations that will ensure our client’s aquariums are set up for long term success.  Once we have determined everything from aquarium size to the stand style stain color, we then are able to request a crate and freight estimates from the manufacturers and 3rd party shipping/carriers.

Custom Aquarium from Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store

Custom Aquarium Crate with Pricing Example

When a brand-new custom aquarium set up leaves our manufacture and is being prepared for transit it is placed in a custom-built crate prior to going on to a box truck and sent out for delivery.  Here is an example of a client’s crating and freight costs. This aquarium set up is a 90-gallon tank a with stand and canopy.  This 90-gallon aquarium which is 48.5 inches in length.  The aquarium stand is a 36-inch tall Elegance Stand with matching Elegance Canopy 12 inches in height. The cost of a custom crate in this example is $170.00.  The dimensions are important because the larger the items being shipped the more materials needed to build the shipping crate.

210 Gallon Glass Tank with the Elegance Aquarium Stand and Canopy

Custom Aquarium Freight with Pricing Example

In this example, the aquarium set-up is leaving Planet Aquariums located in Arlington, Texas and headed to Mebane, a small town with a population of 15,000 in North Carolina. The freight cost was $250. Freight charges can vary greatly depending on location. Fuel costs and shipper volumes are variables that effect pricing daily. We have no profit margin on crating and freight fees those costs are passed along to our clients.

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105 Gallon Trimless Crystaline Aquarium and Stand Package. This tank has the external overflow option

What’s the Cost to have an Aquarium shipped to me?

In this example, the cost of crating and the freight of a 90-gallon show tank, with an Elegance Stand, and Canopy added an additional $420 to the cost.  Purchasing an aquarium online with these additional fees will not make sense for everyone. However, if you live in an area without a direct local access to custom aquariums, furniture grade aquarium stands and canopies and within the budget. Then purchasing your new custom aquarium setup through Dallas Aquarium Experts may be a great option.

90 Gallon Tank, White Elegance Stand & Canopy

How long until my new Custom Aquarium Arrives?

At the time this article was written in September 2020 the current production time is 4 to 5 weeks.  Once aquarium craftsman has completed your project and everything has passed our quality control our inspections, it is ready to be shipped. Transit time varies by local, in this example it added an additional 5 business days.

What should I expect when my new custom aquarium arrives for delivery?

Your crated aquarium set up arrives on a box truck.  The driver will have a lift gate and the crate will be unloaded.  Once the aquarium set up is off the truck, the driver is not responsible to help move the aquarium.  You need to be there to accept the delivery and sign off on the Bill of Landing.  This is a critical part of the process and can be easily overlooked.  The carrier is responsible for delivering the shipment to you without damage or loss. It is your responsibility to open the crate and check the aquarium inside and outside.  If any damages are found, take clear photos of any damages to the aquarium and the crate.  You must make note of all issues on the Bill of Landing before signing.  If the aquarium glass is cracked or if the cabinetry has damages that cannot be fixed with touch up paint, you must refuse delivery and call Dallas Aquarium Expert immediately.

Custom Aquarium Deli

This project required a rental forklift to move the tank and stand into place upon arrival

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