Dallas Aquarium Maintenace Service Company – Dallas Aquarium Experts

Dallas Aquarium Experts offers many different plans available to help us help you keep your Aquarium in top shape, with clean, beautiful, and healthy fish.  We can schedule your cleaning visits on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, as needed to keep your Aquarium properly maintained.

Initial Setup and Installation

Dallas Aquarium Experts offers fast, friendly, and professional setup and installation of your brand new Aquarium!  We will take care of placing the aquarium where you desire, advising on placement of the aquarium, installing the filtration system, lighting system, gravel and decorations, and starting the water cycling process, so that your aquarium will be ready for tropical fish in no time

Special Filtration Needs / Design

Dallas Aquarium Experts can help you decide which type of filtration is needed for your aquarium, and also install and maintain it for you!  There are many different types of filtration, from sponge to power filters to wet/dry sump setups, so let us choose the right filter for your aquarium to help keep your fish healthy and happy!

Aquatic Life Maintenance

Dallas Aquarium Experts specializes in Aquarium Maintenance in Dallas.  Have you always wanted a beautiful aquarium in your home or office, but you don’t seem to have the time or patience to keep up with the necessary aquarium maintenance?   We specialize in keeping your aquatic environment clean!  We have professional services to clean your glass or acrylic, clean and siphon your gravel bed, clean and replace filter cartridges or media, clean your glass tops, and perform the correct amount of water transfers to ensure that your fish will be healthy and their home clean.  We also test your water on a regular basis to help prevent any problems in the aquarium!

Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today to schedule your free consultation

Whether your need is servicing an existing aquarium, or you are interested in a new aquarium setup, we will schedule a free consultation where an experienced professional will meet with you at your home or place of business. We will assess your current situation and devise a plan that will help you move closer to the aquarium you have always wanted.


Call us at (469) 450-3900

Email us at: sales@dallasaquariumexperts.com

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