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Aquarium Cleaning and Water Changes

Aquarium Service
Aquarium Service


Regularly changing a portion of the water in your aquarium can dramatically reduce nitrates, phosphates, DOC’s. It can also correct pH, replenish calcium, stabilize alkalinity, and replenish vital trace elements.  I strongly recommend changing 50 to 60 percent of the water every month.  You can change half that amount every two weeks, or a quarter of it every week.  Your aquarium’s appearance should be your indicator whether to do more or less water change.

A few aquarists, because of their proximity to the ocean, are able to use natural sea water. The majority of us purchase dry saltmix by the bucket.  Choosing a synthetic sea salt requires some research, as there are many different brands and formulations. We strongly recommend a reef aquarium specific salts. That is painstakingly formulated to replicate coral reef parameters.  Basic synthetic salts may require calcium and magnesium supplements to bring them close to natural sea salt.

To prepare the water you’ll a vat that can hold the volume of water that you will be changing at least 20 to 25% of your aquariums volume, a small powerhead to circulate the water, and an appropriate sized heater to regulate the temperature. You’ll also need a salinity refractometer to measure the salinity.  Connect a vinyl hose to the output end of the powerhead to pump the freshly mixed saltwater in to the aquarium.


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