Keeping your Aquarium Healthy

Aquarium Service
Aquarium Maintenance and Aquarium Service by Dallas Aquarium Experts

Choose healthy stock and always quarantine all new additions.  Be cautious of local fish stores that do not take the time to quarantine their stock before selling it to you.  Ask yourself “why would my local fish store tell me to quarantine the fish before putting them into my aquarium, yet not take the time to quarantine a fish before selling it to me.”  Especially a fish that most likely has little to no warranty?

Don’t hope to keep all the fishes that you like the look of; bear in mind the size of your aquarium and the compatibly between species.

Remove uneaten food at the earliest opportunity.  Acclimatize the fishes to any new food over a period of time – at least several days.

Do not neglect regular partial aquarium water changes using only reverse osmosis aquarium water.  Top off evaporation losses in saltwater aquariums with RODI fresh water.  Make all necessary water condition changes gradual.

After a period of time, algae will grow all over the tank.  This should be removed from the front panel of the aquarium. There is no need to remove the algae from the remaining panels of the aquarium, as the fish will graze on these.

Finally do not regard any of the above as avoidable chores; most of them should be included in the pleasurable side of fish keeping, providing for your fishes the care and attention that they undoubtedly deserve.  They will repay you in the best manner possible-by presenting you with a living picture of color and beauty. And remember if you need an aquarium service provider or aquarium maintenance, Dallas Aquarium Experts is the best aquarium service provider in DFW.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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