Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service, what to Expect from Dallas Aquarium Experts

Dallas Aquarium Experts the premier saltwater aquarium maintenance service provider in North Dallas

When we receive our initial inquiry regarding aquarium maintenance service, we will ask questions to determine if we would be a good fit as an aquarium maintenance service provider.  Once we determine we should progress to the next step of the process, we will come out and access the location of the aquarium and the aquarium itself.  Most of the time there are additional questions and answers afterwards we complete onsite water chemistry testing.  We will discuss the water chemistry results and determine the appropriate aquarium maintenance service course of action.

Initial Aquarium Visit

Morgan O'Neal Owner of Dallas Aquarium ExpertsAdditionally, at our initial visits we will inspect the filtration system, lighting system and water circulation systems in saltwater aquarium and reef tanks.  We will make recommendations based on a client’s long-term goal for their aquarium and the current life support systems in use.

Below is an example of the email we would send to our potential client post aquarium visit with recommendations and pricing for saltwater aquarium maintenance service.  I have intentionally deleted administrate processes associated with new clients and the actual service pricing paragraph. Each service client and their aquarium have a multitude of variables that go into the pricing.  This write up is solely intended to give an idea of the high level of service, aquarium knowledge, and additional to detail.

Aquarium Maintenance Plan

Based on the information from our visit of your reef tank yesterday, we propose bi-weekly saltwater aquarium maintenance. Reef tanks are very complicated and truly require more attention than once a month cleaning, feeding and water top off. Once a month only works in a situation where a hobbyist plays a large role in the day to day and weekly aquarium husbandry. Typically, they just assistance with performing large water changes.  The lack attention eventually catches up when the tank becomes toxic, these situations are known as “Old Tank Syndrome”.

Aquarium Analysis

Now for your aquarium. For the first three bi-weekly service appointments I would like to do a 50% (50 gallons) water change in an attempt to bring the aquariums nitrate level down from the current level. Yesterday when I tested your nitrates, the results were somewhere between 80ppm and 160ppm which is considered toxic to fish and coral. The goal is to keep nitrate levels between 5-10ppm. Nitrates are reduced through water changes or the use macro algae in a refugium style filtration system. Unfortunately, the type of sump on your reef aquarium is a designed for a different type filtration system/process.

We tested the salinity which was 1.0275 it’s a little higher than where we want the salinity. It can be easily and quickly be brought down.  We tested ALK which was 5KH, it’s lower than we want and will bring it up through the use a two-part supplement dosing.

Aquarium Equipment Inspection and Recommendations

VorTech MP10w Quiet Drive EcoTech MarineThe circulation pumps should be replaced, reef tanks require flow and circulation, your current configuration isn’t working properly.  This should be addressed as soon as possible.  We would recommend EcoTech Marine Vor Tech MP10 which can be viewed at  Cost is $299.99

Reef Brite LumiLite Pro LEDThe current lighting system was an entry level LED lighting fixture that isn’t really adequate for corals. I think the lighting system should be changed out relatively soon once the nitrate levels are under control.  If you added a new LED lighting system now you would have a huge nuisance algae issue. We recommend two 36 inch LumiLite Pro Blue LED Strip light fixtures, which can be viewed at The cost for two fixtures $332.34.

Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store

The Dallas Aquarium Experts Online Store allows our clients can find the aquarium supplies and aquarium products they want.  Additionally It’s very helpful for new clients to find additional information about the products we suggest and are able to compare pricing so they can rest assured our prices are the same as the big box aquarium mega stores.

Dallas Aquarium Experts Certified Fish and Coral

Majestic Angel - Dallas Aquarium Experts Certified FishI wouldn’t add any livestock until the nitrates are in the acceptable range. Once the water chemistry is in an acceptable range, we can discuss what you would like to add to the aquarium and we can bring it out to your aquarium.

An interesting note is that this particular aquarium was being serviced by one of the top three (in volume) D.F.W. aquarium services companies with a retail store front.  I share this because, this aquarium was being cared for in by a professional service company and the aquarium was in really poor shape. A large company, doesn’t mean the aquarium service technician assigned to your aquarium is truly skilled in aquarium husbandry or has a passion for aquariums.  I also know that when an aquarium service client has a strong and open line of communication with the owner, service clients aren’t forced to search for a new aquarium service provider to find a higher level of service and aquarium expertise.  However if you are ready for a new aquarium maintenance service company, You can trust Dallas Aquarium Experts, Our Passion is Your Peace of Mind!

The Dallas Aquarium Experts Aquarium Service Staff

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