Old Tank Syndrome

How to prevent Old Tank Syndrome


Many aquarists find out they have Old Tank Syndrome only when they try to introduce new fish to their aquarium. Existing fish may have been able to adjust slowly to the declining water quality but, to new fish, these poor conditions are a shock to the system, often causing them to succumb to weakness and disease.

If you think your freshwater aquarium demonstrates signs of Old Tank Syndrome, test your water right away. You can easily prevent nitrate buildup through regular water changes. If nitrate levels are high (above 60 ppm), perform a series of small water changes (no more than 25% per day) until it is lowered to acceptable levels (< 50 ppm). These water changes will also replenish lost carbonate ions (buffers) to help stabilize pH and create a healthy living environment.

Rather than combating the effects of Old Tank Syndrome, practice proper aquarium husbandry and perform routine maintenance. Insist upon regular aquarium maintenance, especially regular water changes and water testing.




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