Benefits and Role of Dallas Aquarium Experts as your Dallas Aquarium Maintenance Company

Aquariums are found in locations other than a home. Many doctor offices, restaurants, schools, hotel lobbies, stores and hospitals include a tank in their décor. The greenery of the plants and the graceful swimming of the fish can produce a calming effect in a room.

Staff in offices and institutions should not be expected to take care of the aquarium, except for feeding the fish, so this is where an aquarium maintenance company could benefit these locations.

Role of an Dallas Aquarium Experts as your Aquarium Maintenance Company

Dallas Aquarium Experts will do the following for our clients

• Counsel the client on all the options for an aquarium system. There are decisions to be made on a saltwater or freshwater tank, size and shape of tank plus how much money the client is willing to spend.

• Set up the aquarium equipment and then supply the fish, plants and decorations.

• Advise client on daily care of the fish and identifying any problems with the equipment, water or fish.

• Service the aquarium on a regular basis and usually once a month at a minimum. The servicing will include testing the water and observing the health of the fish. It also includes regular water changes and cleaning of the tank and equipment.

• Replace fish and plants when required.

• Provide emergency services if equipment fails or if fish show signs of disease.

Benefits of Hiring an Dallas Aquarium Experts as your Aquarium Maintenance Service Company

• Relying on experts to take care of the aquarium can enable people with no knowledge of aquariums to have a tank in their place of business.

• The aquarium and fish will be healthy due to constant monitoring and routine maintenance.

• Even if a client knows how to maintain a tank, there is a matter of finding time to take care of the tank while trying to conduct business.

• If the aquarium system is on a rental contract, everything can be returned to Dallas Aquarium Experts if the client does not wish to renew the contract.

Even homeowners can benefit from hiring an aquarium maintenance company. There are people who need to have the guidance of an expert especially if the aquarium system is expensive. In addition, homeowners can save time by having someone else take care of their tank.

Dallas Aquarium Maintenance Consultations – Dallas Aquarium Experts


We have extensive knowledge and experience and can offer advice, recommendations, and assistance in a variety of circumstances and situations. We can be of assistance if you’re considering upgrading to a bigger tank, downgrading to a smaller one, switching from freshwater to saltwater, etc. Or, if you would simply like a sit-down with an expert for some pointers and help with your current tank, we can certainly help with that as well.


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Aquarium Maintenance in Dallas – Dallas Aquarium Experts




Aquarium Maintenance & Service, Custom Aquarium Design, Aquarium Installation & Set Up, and Aquarium Sales in Dallas and the surrounding communities


Aquarium Maintenance

A tank will only survive for so long without regular, thorough maintenance. Regular water changes and cleaning are vital to the health of your fish. All of the maintenance routines discussed below should become second nature after a while, but it is a good idea to schedule the weekly and monthly tasks on your calendar, just so you don’t forget them or put them off for too long. If you leave too much time between water changes or cleanings, the damage may be irreversible.

First of all, there are some supplies you will need for cleaning your tank. This equipment should be used for tank cleaning only and not for any other household chores. Using the same bucket for tank cleaning as for washing your car, for example, could eventually mix some soap or chemical residue into your tank water and quite likely kill your fish. A minimum of two buckets should be set aside for use in aquarium maintenance. These buckets will be used for water changes, gravel washing, treating sick fish or acclimating new fish, and many other cleaning-related activities.


Dallas Aquarium Experts recommended – Daily Maintenance


  • Take advantage of your daily feeding time to check a few things in your tank. First, look at your fish. Take at least a few minutes to observe them each day. Get to know their appearances as well as their behaviors. Once you become very familiar with your fish, it will be easy for you to notice any changes that could indicate a problem


  • Check the temperature of the tank every day to make sure it is at an appropriate level and the heater is functioning properly. As long as the temperature stays within a range of 3 or 4 degrees, your fish should do just fine, but if it is varying more than that, you will want to inspect your heater and perhaps consider purchasing a new one. Another good idea is to touch the tank with the back of your hand any time you are near it, just so you can immediately recognize an extreme temperature change.


  • Checking the filter should be another part of your daily maintenance routine. Many filters will run reliably for years and years, but at any time, a problem can arise. Make sure the filter is still running and that the water is flowing at the same rate as usual. A filter that is partially clogged or has stopped running altogether will immediately begin to put the health of your fish at risk.


Dallas Aquarium Experts recommended Weekly Maintenance


Several tasks should be performed on a weekly basis, if possible. These include water changes, glass cleaning, and vacuuming.


  • Dallas Aquarium Experts recommended Water Changes

One of the most serious problems a fish tank will encounter is waste buildup. In the wild, waste will quickly disperse throughout the water, but in a tank, waste can quickly accumulate. Waste buildup is a problem because it can make a tank appear dirty, but it also brings a much more serious problem: ammonia. This substance is produced by fish and by the bacteria that break down waste, uneaten food, and other things in the water.

One way to keep debris buildup to a minimum is to conduct frequent water changes. Regular, partial water changes are unequaled in their ability to keep a tank fresh and your fish healthy. Fish are constantly producing waste (urine, feces, and other wastes, such as ammonia), and in a tank, this waste has nowhere to go. In a dirty tank, fish are forced to intake these wastes through their gills every time they breathe.

Recommendations on how much water should be changed during each water change vary greatly, from 10 percent to 50 percent.

A water change can be simple or more complicated, depending on the method you choose. The tried-and-true bucket and hose method is probably the easiest and most popular. To use this method, simply place a bucket lower than the aquarium and use some tubing to siphon water from the tank into the bucket.

There are also water-driven changers that avoid the danger of spilling a bucket of water all over the floor. These changers use the flow of water from the tap to create suction in a tube. When the appropriate amount of water has been taken out of the aquarium, the flick of a switch allows water to flow from the tap back through the tubing and into the aquarium. Remember to always make sure that the replacement water is the same temperature as the water that was removed to avoid shocking your fish.

  • Dallas Aquarium Experts recommended Glass Cleaning

Cleaning algae off of the glass once a week will keep your tank looking clean and make for easy viewing of your fish. Keep in mind that algae is not a bad thing, when confined to the glass, so it is a good idea to clean only the panes of glass that you use for viewing and clean any others less frequently. Glass cleaning will be performed with a scraper made of metal or plastic blades or an abrasive pad. Work slowly and smoothly, being careful not to scratch the tank.

  • Dallas Aquarium Experts recommended Gravel Vacuuming

Some hobbyists do not vacuum the gravel ever time they change the water, but a good vacuuming once a week is highly recommended. Keeping the gravel free of detritus will allow the filter to function more efficiently. To vacuum the gravel, use a siphon with a gravel tube on the end, plunging the tube into the substrate. As the gravel is lifted partway up the tube, dirt particles (including uneaten food and feces) are sucked up and out of the tank, and then the gravel is dropped back to the bottom of the aquarium.


Monthly Aquarium Maintenance


  • Dallas Aquarium Experts recommended Filter Cleaning

Bio-filters can become clogged with debris, preventing a smooth flow of water. A gentle rinsing with water from the tank at its normal temperature should be sufficient to clear the filter of any clogs.


  • Dallas Aquarium Experts recommended Cover Glass Cleaning

Whether you have a glass top or a hood top on your tank, any tank cover will require a regular cleaning. The outside will be dusty, and the inside will have accumulated calcium deposits and algae, particularly near the light. It is especially important to clean the cover regularly if you’re keeping live plants in the tank, as buildup will significantly reduce the amount of light reaching the plants



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Old Tank Syndrome

How to prevent Old Tank Syndrome


Many aquarists find out they have Old Tank Syndrome only when they try to introduce new fish to their aquarium. Existing fish may have been able to adjust slowly to the declining water quality but, to new fish, these poor conditions are a shock to the system, often causing them to succumb to weakness and disease.

If you think your freshwater aquarium demonstrates signs of Old Tank Syndrome, test your water right away. You can easily prevent nitrate buildup through regular water changes. If nitrate levels are high (above 60 ppm), perform a series of small water changes (no more than 25% per day) until it is lowered to acceptable levels (< 50 ppm). These water changes will also replenish lost carbonate ions (buffers) to help stabilize pH and create a healthy living environment.

Rather than combating the effects of Old Tank Syndrome, practice proper aquarium husbandry and perform routine maintenance. Insist upon regular aquarium maintenance, especially regular water changes and water testing.




Aquarium Maintenance & Service, Custom Aquarium Design, Aquarium Installation & Set Up, and Aquarium Sales in Dallas and the surrounding communities




Schedule a free consultation where a reliable and professional service technician will come to your home or business and access your current situation. Before you make your decision on an Aquarium Maintenance Company in DFW, allow us the opportunity to provide you a free consultation regarding your current Aquarium or we can provide an estimate on a new aquarium set-up and aquarium maintenance. Your fish will reward you with their natural beauty and years of enjoyment.


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Aquariums Good for the Soul

 Aquariums Are Good For Your Body and Soul

Aquarium keeping is a one of the most popular hobbies around the world, and with good reason. This exciting hobby has a number of benefits tagged with it and goes way beyond just the beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Doctors have long branded aquariums as therapeutic.

They suggest that aquariums should be placed in the busiest room of the house where all can enjoy them. The excitement of designing your own aquarium flares imagination and helps in getting over depression. The colors and buoyancy of life in an aquarium adds spice and zest to life. Even Feng Shui teachers advocate having an aquarium in home and office interiors because it brings in water, one of the five elements of earth and creates tranquility and harmony by generating positive energy.

Keeping an aquarium in an office or cubicle helps people do more creative work and produces an environment that relieves everyday pressures. Aquariums provide many benefits. For example- having an aquarium in an office provides relaxation, education and all-round business benefits. Having an aquarium in your reception area or lobby makes the clients feel “”at ease”” and impressed. However, if you place an aquarium in your personal office it instantly provides a great backdrop for conducting business, relieving work pressure and adding to the corporate image. Aquariums are known to enhance worker’s morale, and efficiency in the work place.

An aquarium adds to the aesthetic appeal of a hotel or Doctor’s Clinic lobby. The gentile movement of fish attracts the attention of visitors instantly. In children’s hospitals they captivate the children’s fantasy and help them heal faster. The waiting rooms and the lobbies become more inviting, welcoming and attractive.

A good aquarium works great for lowering blood pressure. Since, it has life in it; it will definitely gain more attention than any plasma TV or expensive art in your living room. After all, an aquarium is natural living art that brings alive a piece of the coral reef or any other live aquatic environment in your home.
Due to their wondrous effects on our lives you can spot an aquarium anywhere in Professional offices, Private residences, Retirement homes, Doctor’s waiting rooms, Restaurants, Reception areas and Lobby’s. Everyone remembers where they have seen an aquarium.

Aquariums automatically add a dynamic and vibrant look and feel to a room. They make the room look alive and help with relaxation and stress management. So whether it is an office, waiting area, pub or any other environment, you will find this addition to your surroundings very stimulating and beneficial. It can be that corner of your home which you consider a space that is your own peaceful corner of the world. You can choose a 20-gallon tank filled with fish and some aquatic plants to gaze at while you soak in a warm bubble bath, a perfect reason to make the bathroom your place to escape.

Having an aquarium at a doctor’s clinic or in a hospital is a very good idea for many reasons:

1. It helps create a peaceful atmosphere so that the patients are less anxious and stay occupied while waiting for their appointment.
2. Ailing patients are better able to relax, focus and finish meals. They feel calmer and perform their routine tasks in a better way after viewing an aquarium.
3. Aquariums help the patients heal faster since they relieve stress, especially in a traumatic or postoperative case.
4. Expecting mothers feel more relaxed and relieved from hormonal depression. Their blood pressure also remains under control.
5. Cardiologists have been recommending heart patients to have aquariums in their office as well as home because they are associated with health benefits like lowered blood pressure, reduced stress, and controlled pulse rate. Fish and aquatic animals are very good pets for mentally challenged children. In many cases it has been found that it accelerates their learning process and makes them feel more at ease.

Next it has a calm and soothing effect. Nowadays most of the people are moving away from simple functional, practical homes to the ones that assist in enhancing the quality of life. Incorporating an aquarium in the home structure and design seems natural in this case since an aquarium brings peace, harmony and relaxation into your home. It works great in de-stressing the lives of both young and old. The gentle, graceful movement of fish rinses off the tension and stress. You may consider watching your aquarium over the TV.

These days even kids are not too far from stress and overburdened lives. Placing a nice colorful aquarium in their room gives them health and academic benefits. The calming effect of aquarium fish helps in enhancing grades. This statement is supported by scientific studies that revealed that students who own fish, score higher on both math and verbal SATs, with a combined score of 200 points over their counterparts who do not have pets. High school students who keep fish have an average GPA of 3.5, versus non-pet owners at 3.2.
Aquariums are a great way to understand the complex and delicate ecology of aquatic realm of the biosphere. Thus, they are educational for both children and adults. Those placed in classrooms not only help in reducing anxiety but also act as learning aids. Caring for fish teaches children responsibility, educates them about proper pet care and improves schoolwork in areas including math, science and creative writing.

Researches also show that aquariums help people achieve healthy mind, body and soul because they help fill the leisure deficit. You can dive into the world of fish and aquarium to find rest, relaxation, tranquility and harmony that will reduce your stress and increase your health. You can watch the fish swim in the tank and forget about your worries. Aquariums are a very good way to relieve stress and hypertension.

A research, that was a combined effort of a trio of an urban ecologist, a psychiatrist, and a biologist, reveals that petting a dog or cat lowered stress and an interaction with other animals also produces similar results. During their study the volunteers were asked to read proven stress inducers. They were allowed a period of rest and then made to watch an aquarium. However, some of the subjects were first asked to watch the aquarium and then rest and later read. Their blood pressures were recorded. It was observed that those who had fish in their room had reduction in their blood pressure.

The researchers also say that the key factor in aquariums being able to relieve stress is the fish. It is not just because of bubbles, ornaments, dancing plants and vibrantly colored gravel, it is the liveliness and graceful movements of fish. Fish make people happier and healthier.  Now an even higher number of offices, classrooms and homes are being equipped with aquariums to take away your anxiety, and it leads into a more creative and learning environment. Interacting with animals reduces blood pressure. Pets can help you to be away from the milling crowds by yourself without being lonely. Thus, fish is increasingly crossing over the gourmet menu to the favorite pets list.

In many Asian communities fish are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Thus, aquariums make for very good gifts both for children and grown ups. You can give a gift aquarium to a friend or relative to add some extra aesthetic appeal to their lobby, waiting room, office, home, or backyard garden. It is a great gift for children who wish to have pets but cannot keep a dog or a cat. They will love fish as much as any other pet. Moreover, it will be a great learning experience for them. Aquariums also make a good gift for elderly people. It can help them get over their solitude.

If you have always wanted to have a pet but shortage of space kept you away from it, then having an aquarium is a great choice for you. If you live in apartment, dorm or in any type of housing where having dogs and cats as pets is not feasible, aquariums can really be a blessing and a good option for a pet. It is a great way to get over the monotony of routine life.

Aquariums give something that cannot be purchased by money and that is tranquility. Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today to find the perfect aquarium for your home or office.

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