Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Dallas Aquarium Experts provides saltwater aquarium cleaning for homes and businesses.  A saltwater aquarium can be a delicate environment that needs extra care and knowledge to achieve success.  Saltwater aquariums are divided into two types.  One is a reef tank with corals and fish.  The other is a FOWLR (fish only with live rock.)  Either way you go, proper maintenance is a must.  Regular aquarium maintenance is needed to keep your saltwater aquarium healthy and clean.  Not everybody has the time for the upkeep that a saltwater aquarium needs.  We understand.  Dallas Aquarium Experts offer once a month, twice a month, or weekly service visits to provide our clients with the proper maintenance to keep these ecosystems healthy and happy. We generally suggest twice a month service for most saltwater aquariums.  We realize that not all aquariums are “created equal.”  Our prices are figured according to the size of the tank and the customer’s choice of service visits. Please contact us to get a quote for your saltwater aquarium cleaning, setting up, or move.

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The Dallas Aquarium Experts Philosophy

– We believe an open and honest dialogue with our clients is the key to a successful relationship and an outstanding aquarium service experience.
– We enjoy educating our clients about their aquarium.
– We strive for the long-term solution and not the quick-fix.
– We are here to make your fish thrive, not merely survive.


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Benefits of an Aquarium & Aquarium Service

Benefits of an Aquarium

Keeping an aquarium has many benefits and Dallas Aquarium Experts can help. Aquariums not only beautify the living spaces, but can also be therapeutic must-haves that help you deal with everyday life better. The size of the aquarium does not really matter.The best place to keep an aquarium is a place where you can look at it for a while every day. Let’s look at some benefits of having an aquarium at home or at office.

      • REDUCE STRESS – Watching an aquarium for a few minutes every day can significantly reduce your stress levels. A well-maintained fish tank with colorful fish swimming in its natural environment can take your mind off and drastically reduce stress.
      • CALMING EFFECT OF CHILDREN – Hyperactive kids tend to calm down when they have a fish tank around. It also helps them sleep better and feel more secure when the lights are off. Aquariums can be quite entertaining and kids develop a sense of curiosity, thereby making them want to learn more about wildlife and nature.
      • WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY – Keeping an aquarium in your office reduces your blood pressure. It lowers your stress levels, helps you focus better, and can even motivate you to be more creative and productive. It also adds aesthetic value to your work space.
      • ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES – Elderly persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease benefit from watching an aquarium. When they are around an aquarium placed in the dining room, they eat better, they are calmer and they require fewer supplements. They also display less physically aggressive behavior and tend to be happier.

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Leasing

Aquarium Maintenance Service


Schedule a free consultation where a reliable and professional service technician will come to your home or business and access your current situation. Before you make your decision on an Aquarium Service Company in DFW, allow us the opportunity to provide you a free consultation regarding your current Aquarium or we can provide an estimate on a new aquarium set-up and aquarium maintenance. Your fish will reward you with their natural beauty and years of enjoyment.

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Aquarium Leasing & Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Leasing & Maintenance

Aquarium Leasing, Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Leasing

Aquarium leasing has grown in popularity in recent years, because it gives you the beauty and relaxation benefits of an aquarium without requiring you to spend time learning about the different types of aquariums, animal life and care before you begin. In addition, it minimizes your financial investment, because rather than you buying all of the equipment, supplies and animals yourself, everything you need is included in your aquarium leasing plan, making it a simple and cost effective way to get started.

At Dallas Aquarium Experts, we recommend aquarium leasing for business clients who want to enjoy the benefit of an aquarium in your space without having to invest the time and money required to purchase or build a custom aquarium.

Aquarium leasing is very straightforward. You can work with one of our aquarium specialists to discuss your specific goals for the aquarium, space requirements, desired animals, associated maintenance needs, and budget. Once we find a package that works for your specifications, our expert technicians will travel to your location to assemble, fill and balance the aquarium tank to get it started, and we will add fish and other animals when it is safe to do so.

All of our aquarium leasing packages include maintenance, so once your tank is up and running, we will return at regularly scheduled intervals to check the water quality, verify that equipment is functioning correctly, evaluate the health and well being of the animals, and clean and balance the tank as needed.

Aquarium leasing options are available at all different price points and prices remain steady for the duration of the agreement. Give Dallas Aquarium Experts a call or click here Dallas Aquarium Experts – Aquarium Leasing  to see how our aquarium leasing program can provide you with a beautiful, hassle free aquarium experience!


Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today to for a free consultation, and allow us to be your Aquarium Service provider and handle your Aquarium Maintenance needs.

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About Dallas Aquarium Experts Aquarium Service

aquarium service, aquarium maintenance, aquarium leasing

Dallas Aquarium Experts – Aquarium Service

Dallas Aquarium Experts, founded in 2010. We strive to be the best and most reliable aquarium design, installation, and maintenance service company in the greater D.F.W. area. Our expertise and personal service are second to none. We treat each client as part of our extended family, each system as if it were our own. We work 1 on 1 with the best manufactures of the highest quality glass aquariums and equipment to ensure your dream aquarium system continues to be a focal point of your home, office, or commercial establishment for years to come. We provide a personalized maintenance program for every system based on your abilities and the needs of your system and its inhabitants. Whether your dream is for a fresh water system, saltwater, or a living coral reef environments.  Dallas Aquarium Experts is there to help, educate and do the jobs necessary to keep your wet friends healthy and thriving. We provide the best in high nutrition foods for your fish and corals.  We fly in shipments of Corals and livestock from the best suppliers on the California coast that carry Pacific caught fish and also beautiful species responsibly caught from Australian waters as well as the Philippine islands. All livestock is held at our quarantine facility to guarantee the animals we introduce to your system are eating well and are healthy and disease free.  As always we offer free consultations to turn your dream system into a reality!

Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today to for a free consultation, and allow us to be your Aquarium Service provider and handle your Aquarium Maintenance needs.

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Leasing, Aquarium Maintenance 

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Aquarium Livestock from your Aquarium Service Company


Dallas Aquarium Experts acquires livestock (fish, coral, invertebrates) from the best sources worldwide! We then quarantine all livestock for a minimum of 14 days to insure you receive healthy animals that are eating and comfortable in an aquarium environment.

Call us to set up an appointment. (469) 450-3900

aquarium service, aquarium maintenance, aquarium leasing
Purple Tang



Dallas Aquarium Experts, Aquarium Service can provide your business, restaurant, professional office, or shopping center with a complete custom designed and themed aquarium that is guaranteed to “wow” your clients and patrons. Be the talk of the town and use your custom system to draw people to your establishment.

Aquarium Service
Aquarium Service

We can provide complete system and support hardware design.
Dallas Aquarium Experts will work directly with you and your interior designer and construction company. If you are looking to have a magnificent system installed in your existing building, we can provide all the necessary pieces to compliment your interior decor.

After installation, Dallas Experts Aquarium Service will provide professional care to keep your system running smoothly and your prized inhabitants thriving.

For a free estimate give us a call today at (469) 450-3900. Or click here Dallas Aquarium Experts – Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Service, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Leasing

Aquarium Service and the Importance of Water Changes

At Dallas Aquarium Experts we believe water changes are the most important aspect of aquarium maintenance. Only diet ties with how important water changes are, and they are equally important. You can provide the best food or water quality, but if one is lacking it can undo the highest quality in the other.

There are many vital things that water changes and regular aquarium maintenance can do for the aquarium. Regularly scheduled water changes can actually help save money when it comes to filtration since they can make the use of carbon filtration completely unnecessary. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can make up for a lack of water changes done while performing aquarium service. Filtration can’t do it. Special additives and special types of filtration can’t do it, nothing can replace water changes done while serving an aquarium.

It is important to understand exactly what filtration and water changes do so that you understand the difference. Filters do two main things. First is that they provide a place for the bacteria that consume ammonia and nitrite to grow. The surfaces of bio-medias and the flow of the filter create the perfect submerged habitat for these nitrifying bacteria. The other main function is to physically collect debris and particulates from the water column for the aquarist to remove during regularly scheduled aquarium maintenance at which time the filter media is replaced.  It is vital to perform filter maintenance, regardless of the type or brand of filter being used or whether the flow is reduced or not. Water changes maintain water quality long-term.

Aquarium Service
Aquarium Service

The problem with water changes is that their results are long-term. Many people only see short-term. So if someone stops doing water changes or cuts back drastically (like only doing water changes once every four weeks) they may not see any major difference. The reason is that the problems related to lack of water changes, cause short-term are very subtle. Many people feel it is best to leave well enough alone and not fix what isn’t broken. This idea leads to neglect and the aquarium will suffer.

When inadequate aquarium maintenance or no water changes are done the tank appear to do well. The fish will still be alert and swimming, they will still have colors, and they will still eat. This can go on for a few years. What I have seen happen under these circumstances is called old tank syndrome. This is when the water quality has gotten so bad that all of a sudden effectively every fish in the tank gets sick. I have seen this happen a few times, killing 90-95% of the fish. A sign that this situation may be occurring before it actually kills everything is when new fish are added. Usually a neglected tank’s chemistry will change over time. The pH will drop along with hardness, the water quality is low, and together these can prove fatal to new fish. The fish that experienced it slowly acclimated to the changing water as it slowly happened. New fish are acclimated in less than an hour. This sudden change can shock new fish, resulting in their death with no symptoms of any problems.

Water changes do two things simultaneously. Most importantly they remove all the bad things that build up in the aquarium over time. These things include nitrate, phosphate, growth inhibiting hormones that many if not most fish give off, dissolved organic compounds, and other things. The other things are at least as important, we just don’t have test kits for them (except phosphate). The other major function of water changes is to bring in good things that are used up over time. The end result of all the biological activity in an aquarium is acidification. This uses up the KH in the water. As the KH is used up the pH will decrease. Eventually the pH will crash. There are many other vital minerals and trace elements needed that are replenished with water changes during aquarium maintenance.

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Water changes also have a massive impact on stocking. It is an error to discuss stocking without addressing water changes and water quality. Discussing stocking based on tank size alone is not different from simply going by the very common one inch per gallon’ type guides. Experiments have shown that it is the water quality, not tank volume that stunts fish. The volume of the tank has a minimal impact on water quality.

How much, how often:

Water changes should be done on a minimum bi-weekly basis during your regular aquarium service.  This frequency gives little time for the chemistry of the aquarium to change significantly compared to the tap water in a freshwater aquarium. Over time the chemistry in an aquarium changes and allowing too much time between water changes allows the tank’s water chemistry to change too much, this means that a larger water change will change the tank’s chemistry too much and stress or even shock fish. The amount changed at each water change should be whatever is needed to keep the nitrate concentration under 20ppm. This means that if a weekly water change of 25% doesn’t keep the nitrate concentration under 20ppm then the amount of water changed every week needs to be increased. Any time the size of the water change is changed it should be done slowly. Smaller water changes allow for more error than larger water changes. For example, if the temperature is not perfect for a 25% water change it may not cause any problems. The same temperature difference with a 50% water change could severely stress the fish.

Water changes can prevent and fix almost any problem:

aquarium service
aquarium service

Water changes are one of the most powerful ways to prevent and treat almost all problems that an aquarist is like to encounter. A healthy water change schedule performed during regular aquarium service can prevent most of the problems an aquarist might otherwise experience. In my experience the health issues that arise in well maintained tanks is almost nothing compared to those that are more neglected, including monthly water changes.

In addition, water changes alone are frequently all that is needed to fix most problems that may arise. Increasing the frequency of water changes when problems do arise may be the only action the aquarist needs to take when fish are stressed (lethargic, clamped fins, refusing to eat, etc.). It is also all that is needed in many cases of a variety of diseases. I have seen case after case of ich, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and others fixed by increasing the frequency of water changes alone, no medications used at all. It is also the main issue when algae problems arise. More or larger water changes are frequently the only change needed to fix algae problems.

Contact Dallas Aquarium Experts today to for a free consultation, and allow us to be your Aquarium Service provider and handle your Aquarium Maintenance needs.

Regular Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Service

Aquarium Maintenance

You may feel you have enough to remember, do,  look out for and worry about, but learning to spot signs of impending problems is better than trying to deal with them later on. Methodical aquarium maintenance need not take longer than an a few minutes a day and an hour every other week depending on your aquariums size.   An aquarium service company is the best option if you find you are unable to make this type of time commitment.

There are a number of checks that you should make on a daily and weekly basis.

The first and foremost is a daily temperature check, together with a head count of the fishes.  Counting fish is best done at feeding time; they usually congregate to one spot.  Locate any absentees and search carefully for missing fish; it may simply not be hungry or sociable, but if it continues to behave this way, or seems off color, then you must assume something is wrong and begin further checks.  If the fish is dead remove the body before it decomposes and pollutes the aquarium before other fishes become infected with any disease that may have caused its demise.  Of course, the dead fish may not have succumbed to any disease; it may have been harassed to death by other fishes – in which case, be sure to check the compatibility of species before replacing.  Nevertheless, it is still vital to remove its body as soon as you discover it, to prevent fouling of the aquarium.  Marine fishes are sensitive to any stress or disturbance, so try to use your eyes more than your hands and keep your physical intrusions into the tank to the absolute minimum. If you do not find a fish in the tank, look on the floor, since some aquarium fish are expert escapers.

As the aquarium fish gradually becomes established, the fish will settle down into their natural behavior patterns.  If you observe the fishes’ normal activities, you will soon be able to recognize any irregularities that may be early indications of trouble.

Check the pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels in established tanks weekly intervals.  In a newly set aquarium it is a good idea to check the pH more regally.  Stabilize the pH by adding buffering materials, but if it falls. Again soon after being adjusted then a water change will be required.

Be sure nitrite level has fallen to a minimum before introducing more fish, and keep it low by adding livestock gradually.  In this way you can avoid overloading the biological filtration system.  Nitrate levels will continue to rise unless held in check by regular water changes.  Man y fishes are tolerant of higher levels of nitrate than invertebrates.

Dallas Aquarium Experts
Aquarium Service

If you live in North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, or Lewisville using an aquarium service company like Dallas Aquarium Experts can help you avoid the routine tasks and chores of keeping a beautiful aquarium.  Call us today for a free consultation for aquarium service.

Freshwater Aquariums

The most popular type of aquarium is a freshwater system.  It’s the most practical system for a beginning aquarist for several reasons.

  • A freshwater system is not as expensive to set up as a saltwater aquarium
  • Freshwater fish are generally less expensive than marine fish.  It’s much better to work with less expensive fish when you are just starting out, and still learning the ins and outs of the hobby
  • Freshwater fish are readily available at most aquarium shops and come in a wide variety of colorful species.  Marine fish are much more sensitive to water conditions and don’t tolerate mistakes as easily
  • You can have more fish.  You can keep significantly more freshwater fish than marine fish in the same amount of space.

Dallas Aquarium Experts… Our passion, is your peace of mind!