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Knowledgeable, Experienced, Aquarists Keep Your Aquarium Healthy and Thriving

Dallas Aquarium Experts offers you worry-free enjoyment with our professional aquarium maintenance services.

Your aquarium is like its own mini-ecosystem. When everything is in balance, all species in your tank thrive. But that balance can be hard to maintain, especially for complex ecosystems like saltwater and multi-species environments. The professionals at Dallas aquarium Experts keep your aquarium in natural harmony so that it remains healthy and thriving.

Dallas Aquarium Experts provides both freshwater and saltwater aquarium maintenance services for residential, and commercial.

With over 30 years of experience, our team of trained aquarists is among the most skilled and knowledgeable in the DFW area, further demonstrated by our 97% client satisfaction rate.

Why Do I Need Professional Aquarium Services?

Convenience – You don’t have to worry about cleaning the tank, ordering food and supplies, maintaining critical levels like salinity and PH, or other time consuming and sometimes complex procedures. Healthier Livestock – Fish, coral, and other species all then to do better when cared for by professional aquarists. Available Emergency Services – Professional aquarists tend to spot sick fish or poor living environments faster and immediately know what to do to prevent the spread of disease and improve tank conditions.

We also specialize in custom aquarium design and relocation of your aquarium and livestock during moves.

Dallas Aquarium Experts of DFW custom-designs packages based on your needs and budget. Please contact us for a free estimate on our aquarium maintenance services or for more information about our services.

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Aquarium Leasing & Maintenance

Benefits of Aquarium Leasing / Maintenance:

The calming and relaxing benefits that an aquarium brings to a home or workplace are well documented. Dallas Aquarium Experts aquarium lease service now offers you a hassle free way of keeping fish, meaning you can enjoy the pleasure and health benefits of keeping fish without the hassle of cleaning and maintenance.

Question – Do you find yourself, work colleagues or clients becoming stressed or in need of relaxation?

Answer – A Dallas Aquarium Experts aquarium might be just the thing for your home or business!

Why is this?

It has been proven that observing fish helps to lower stress levels, blood pressure and can aid relaxation, whilst improving productivity of staff. Various tests have been carried out since the late 1980s demonstrating that watching fish, even if on a television, can help to reduce stress.

In today’s hectic and fast-moving society, an aquarium can provide peace, serenity and relaxation. This is the reason why living aquariums can play an important role when placed in high-stress environments.

However, your personal environment does not have to be stressful in order to enjoy our systems. Our locations include private homes, hospitals, schools, hotels and businesses… the list is endless!

The Lease Aquarium

Our aquarium lease package consists of a tank, cabinet, equipment and livestock. Our cabinets are available in a range of standard sizes, and made-to-measure sizes and finishes. We will work closely with you to ensure that your aquarium complements its surrounding decor. The aquarium will be fully maintained on a monthly or weekly basis. All food and accessories are provided. This results in a complete aquatic service with minimum input on your behalf.

Aquarium Maintenance

Dallas Aquarium Experts aquarium maintenance service is the best currently available in Dallas. Our packages have been carefully designed to ensure all budgets and requirements are catered for.

At Dallas Aquarium Experts we consider every aquarium to be unique. We have the knowledge; skills and resources necessary to ensure any aquarium in DFW will not only be an asset to your home or business, it will not look better under the supervision of any other aquarium maintenance provider.

You may be a caring enthusiast who’s about to go on holiday or a CEO who just wants the best in hassle free aquarium installation. In any case we have a solution for you.


Always on time

Our team works to tight scheduled appointments. After an initial consultation and visit, you can expect the same team member to visit you on time at the agreed interval. We will never send a new face to your home or business without prior introduction.


We won’t get in the way

When contracting Dallas Aquarium Experts as your aquarium maintenance provider you can rest assured you will always receive the very best in aquarium maintenance available. Our team understands the demands of the busy home or work place and will make their visit as unobtrusive as possible. Not only will you get the best service available, your aquarium will not look better with any other aquarium maintenance provider.


What we do on a standard visit

To ensure that your system is always at its best and our service is consistent our aquarium maintenance staff always carries out the following tasks.

 Rake and siphon debris from gravel bed

 Change or rinse mechanical and chemical filtration media

 Check the inventory of food

 Check and test water quality and temperature

 Water change and top up

 Visual check of equipment, air and water flow

 Check fish for disease

 Clean exterior and interior aquarium surfaces


An aquarium is an ideal addition that will brighten up and bring a calming atmosphere to reception areas, work areas and waiting rooms with one of our aquariums your public access areas will become both interesting and relaxing.



Dallas Aquarium Experts – Plano Aquarium Service Company

Aquarium Maintenance


Our clients appreciate the knowledge, keen eye for detail, and unbeatable response time to any aquarium job. Our success is due to highly qualified aquatic engineers, a high level of organization, and an incredible commitment to customer satisfaction. Clients never have to worry about going to a store to purchase supplies or livestock; we bring everything right to their door!

We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of aquariums for homes and businesses in DFW. We are one of the only aquarium maintenance service companies in the area that has years of experience working with interior designers, architects and contractors to create successful custom aquariums every time.

We don’t try to be the cheapest! We strive to be the best! There are many different brands of aquariums and accessories available to use in your new aquarium system.

Some equipment and materials are of excellent quality and some are not. Dallas Aquarium Experts never compromises quality to meet or beat a competitor’s price. We use the finest products, state-of-the-art filtration equipment and the highest quality materials on the market in the aquarium systems we design. We provide fine workmanship and excellent services that are second to none!

A little about the “why” regular aquarium maintenance is so important.


Removal of settled waste

  • Now no matter what filter system you are using in your aquarium, there will always be settled waste products. This waste includes fish waste, plant waste and food waste.


  • Besides the obvious result of a cleaner looking aquarium, there is a more important reason behind removing this waste.


  • These settled waste products are visible in your fish tank. The problem comes in when this waste starts decomposing and creating invisible toxins in your aquarium.


  • These toxins will always be present in any fish tank, but need to be maintained at acceptable levels.


  • As the name suggests, you should be looking to clean anything that waste could “settle” on. These will include filters and other equipment, aquarium decorations and of course the gravel inside your tank.


Control Aglae Growth

  • Very excessive algae growth can often be a symptom of over-lighting your aquarium. It is not always possible to reduce the lighting you provide your tank as you may need it for your plants to grow.


  • With that said, all tanks will have some level of algae growth. Some people like to keep an Algae Eater type fish, or even a few of them to reduce the effect of the proble


  • Most aquariums will only need a little bit of attention in this area during fish tank maintenance.


Nitrate Control

  • This is again another area that you will gain some insight on by reading the section on the Nitrogen Cycle. Nitrates are an end product of the Nitrogen cycle and it is primarily the aquarium owner that is responsible for keeping its levels under control.


  • Nitrate removal is the main reason behind doing your fish tank maintenance at regular intervals. A test kit can help you determine these intervals.


  • Nitrates must be kept below 40ppm (parts per million) in a freshwater aquarium, any higher than 40ppm can be considered dangerously high levels. Personally I try to keep my levels between 10ppm and 30ppm.


Schedule a free consultation with Dallas Aquarium Experts today and service professional will come to your home or business and access your current situation. Before you make your decision on an Aquarium Maintenance Company in Dallas, allow us the opportunity to provide you a free consultation regarding your current Aquarium or we can provide an estimate on a new aquarium set-up and aquarium maintenance. Your fish will reward you with their natural beauty and years of enjoyment.


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Dallas Aquarium Experts offering Services in Frisco

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Dallas Aquarium Experts offer a variety of Aquarium Maintenance Services to keep your fresh water aquarium, saltwater aquarium, or reef tank healthy, thriving, and looking its best. Our success with aquariums starts with decades of experience and knowledge in maintaining  freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums, and reef tanks.  One of the most important keys to our success is superior water quality.  The lifeblood of any aquarium. We always use only Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized water when servicing or installing Reef Tanks, Marine Aquariums, and Freshwater Aquariums. We offer only the best products to our clients and their Aquariums.  Whether your need is an Aquarium Cleaning, Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance, or Salt Water Maintenance, or you are interested in a new Freshwater Aquarium, Salt Water Aquarium, or Reef Tank in your office or home, Dallas Aquarium Experts is the best choice you can make.  We know what we are doing and will make sure you never need to find another aquarium maintenance company. We want every customer to feel like they are our only customer.

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Whether your need is servicing an existing aquarium, or you are interested in a new aquarium setup, we will schedule a free consultation where an experienced professional will meet with you at your home or place of business.  We will assess your current situation and divise a plan that will help you move closer to the aquarium you have always wanted.


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